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Power supply questions
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Author Power supply questions
Pockets McCoy
I'm running a pretty long pedal chain. An obscenely long pedal chain...I think there's 26 of them, and I have a suspicion I'm having power troubles. Everything turns on and works, but I just hooked everything up all together for the first time (got a package with more patch cables, so I CAN hook everything up at the same time...), and all of a sudden I'm getting this really high-pitched "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" going on. It's not loud, so it's not feedback of any kind, or pretty much anything related to the effects of the pedals because I get it when they're all off. I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm having trouble because of trying to run this huge fucking chain off of one outlet and a power strip, but I'm not sure exactly what that trouble is. I've tried taking a few potential culprits out of the chain (line 6 FM4, trogotronic 667, moogerfoogers, digitech xp-1000) and the sound remains. I also tried plugging into a different amp, and still it haunts me. Ordinarily I'd just put up with it, because I put up with all sorts of noise from what I'm running as it is, but this is a new noise that's somehow perceptible even when I've got a really hot signal running through the whole thing, and the volume of it never seems to increase...It's like the pedal chain equivalent of the raven. As I said, I'm running this all from one outlet, which is probably really, really dumb, but outlets are hard to come by in this house, and that one outlet's got a power strip plugged into it, which has 2 1-spots, a 12v trogotronic power supply, the digitech xp-1000 power supply, the other trogotronic's (very high voltage) power supply, and the amp's power cord. Having said all that, I guess what I'm wondering is: Is this the cause of my troubles or should I start to look elsewhere, for faulty patch cables and the like? help
Pockets McCoy
Well, I figured out what was wrong, and it seems like it's something that would be a pretty easy quasi-mistake to make, so I'll just put the word out: Don't try to power Moogerfoogers with the 1-Spot reverse polarity jack adapters (even though 1-Spot suggests using them). I don't know why, and I don't know how it fails to work, but I busted out another power strip for their individual adapters, and now everything's wonderful again. Not to bash 1-Spot by any means at all...I still love them to death, and I still use 3 of them, but they just don't happen to be the right way to make Moogers foog. Snowman
Muff Wiggler
sweet! glad you got it sorted and thanks for the 'fooger tip!
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