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Stupid Serge Questions (SSQ)
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Author Stupid Serge Questions (SSQ)
Well, my blue fun station finally arrived on friday. I've only had a day and a half with it but I could tell this is going to be a lot of fun. I could also tell I have a lot to learn about Serge. So I'd like to ask my first stupid Serge question (plenty more to come):

I was testing out the ring-the-filter trick and was having fun tapping out a little bell-tone melody (yes, I am easily amused). Then I thought I would clock the TKB and sequence it but this didn't work (I tried connecting both the KP and KV outputs to no avail. I also had row A going to 1v/oct on the filter). I know I can connect the individual stage trigger outs but this only produces a single trigger unless you gang them on the input which I'm not totally sure is safe to do. So obviously I don't understand how triggers on the tkb work. Can anybody enlighten me?

Did you go in the clock input top right corner? from a DSG/SSG (patched with a short cord to cycle) cycle/trigger out? then you control the speed of the sequence with VC input for feedback-ish stuff!!

Mr. Green
yeah, I can clock the tkb fine but as the stages advance no triggering occurs at the filter. I get a trigger if I manually press a key but not if the stage is selected from the sequencer. Again, this could just be my not understanding how KV and KP are supposed to work (hence the title of this thread).
KP output only outputs a trigger when you press one of the touch surfaces.

KV output gets you a constant value depending on the touch surface you activate, by touching. that is lower values on the lower number and higher on the higher steps, basically divides the maximum output by 16 and assigns the equal intervals in order to each step.

basically KP and KV are only activated when you touch a surface.

IF you are using it as a sequencer to get the 'clock' trigger (so that it triggers with every step of the sequence), just stick a banana with whatever you are using to clock the TKB and thats your sequencer trigger.

The A output is a voltage(cv) output just like a regular cv out on a sequencer, if you are not clocking then you just get a constant voltage output of whatever the currently selected key is and the value on the knob of row a for that specific step.

hope that helps
yes, that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks alot!
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