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Orgon Systems (Enigiser and Modular) incl sounds
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Author Orgon Systems (Enigiser and Modular) incl sounds
What is the story?

Love the products but there is no trace of the Orgon Systems today, what happened?

How many Enigisers/Modulars where made?

Sadly I only have questions and no answers.

Please share any info about the whereabouts of this company and its founder Geoff.
you seem to be the guru on this as you love the products, so your several steps ahead of me.
care to share what info you have already?
Of course I want to share the little I know. Most of it is, unfortunately, rumors, and that is what is so sad, no facts at all really.

The highest serial number of an Enigiser I´ve heard of is 58, but I know at least two units that has no serial at all.

Geoff was very active at the beginning and then was quiet until 2002 something, when he released the modular, perhaps 5 where delivered and the rest never got refund because he disappeared again and has been quiet ever since, of course I dont know at all if this is all true.

Geoff seemed to be a very serious person so it not likely he was running a scam on the modulars, something must have happened.

So rumors and no facts wink
This is what I think I know, please if someone else know something, share smile
I've sold a few modules to a guy who owns an orgon system and he said it was a pretty interesting piece of equipment. I'd never heard of orgon until then, but it's certainly intriguing. Forum member richard is friends with the guy I believe so maybe he'll be able to chime in with some experiences if he's used the guys system![/b]
my friend had one and left it in an attic in cornwall when he moved house...
I thought I'd seen him surface again a couple of years ago but then never heard anything since.

oh found it. Sadly the link doesn't work but there was a site I looked at back then
Babaluma wrote:
my friend had one and left it in an attic in cornwall when he moved house...

That was a monumental mistake wink
Are they really that good or is it a collectability/rarity thing?
They are not very popular amongst many collectors and some people does not like the sound at all.

Being a relatively new (1996) synth with no midi scared off many too.

It is not a everyones synth for sure, some love it, some hate it and the rest of the world dont care it seems sometimes.
I've seen pretty full systems go for £600-£800 in the past couple of years, which is very cheap - and maybe shows they are obscure rather than rare. I was tempted but it was just around the time I got obsessed with Plan B. It is true that Geoff resurfaced a while ago and sold (I think) some old stock modules and a bunch of PCBs but then he apparently disappeared again, not responding to attempts at further communication etc. I haven't had enough experience to comment on the sound.
I've got an old Future Music magazine buried somewhere with a review of the Enigiser.

I remeber seeing it a few years ago whe I was digging through the mags.

The mag has to be over 10 years old at this point.
Looks like the march 1997 issue has the review. Here is a link to the 5 minute demo that was on the cd that came with the mag. tists-m814627
March 1997 SoundOnSound Review here.
I have a Orgon systems Modular
2 svf
3 Enigiser filters
3 Dual LFO’s
6-7 ADSR’s
Wave folder, noise and a few mixers all in a shocking state and in need of full refurbishment

The PCB’s where at best amateurish/home made eek!
The front panels made of cheap PCB material was also a bit of a joke just disintegrated over time woah
So maybe you would say rubbish MY ASS IS BLEEDING
The modules sound unbelievable and they would be one of the last things I ever lose
I am in the process as time and money allows re-panelling the whole thing with bananas

Thinking about this Its time I got some more panels made thumbs up
That is one of the most impressive things i've ever seen.
great project Paul - wow!

but you should build my panel before going any further Mr. Green

jus' kidding
oh, and welcome to the forum Ƶl8® seriously, i just don't get it
The person that recently sold a few Orgon modules on eBay seemed to have worked with Geoff.

"As far as i recall (2 years since we spoke) Geoff was still making modules but on a commission basis only i think?"
Thanks for posting the pics. I've wondered about the Orgon for some time.
Ƶl8® wrote:
Didnt mean to be offensive... but i just cant see it: "That is one of the most impressive things ivé ever seen. wow."

So if i hurt your feelings krisp14u, im honestly really sorry. But runes on modulars is not my bag.

No didn’t hurt my feeling made me laugh especially the racoon bit lol
See it’s my synth for me I don’t give a crap how others see it if you love it fine if you hate it fine applause

Do you also have a Enigiser? If so, how do the oscillators compare to each other?
Bumping this old thread.

Is there anyone with some information?
Perhaps have a enigiser for sale? wink
Lambda wrote:
Bumping this old thread.

Is there anyone with some information?
Perhaps have a enigiser for sale? wink

Sell it to me!!!!
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