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MU-format Wave Folder has a new panel layout.
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Author MU-format Wave Folder has a new panel layout.
just wanted to let the forum know the Wave Folder is now at R2 status, i added a second jack which is a DC-coupled input (the Signal Input is AC-coupled) called "Offset Input", which at very slow control rates is kind of a pulse width modulation for the distortion, and at audio rates is merely summed with the Signal Input.

here's the sales page and a photo of the new panel:

i've also started calibrating the module for more extreme folding at the expense of being able to use the module as a final VCA. I can calibrate it either way, depending on what you want, but two of the people who've bought this module (the two who actually liked it so much they bought two) preferred this calibration, so i'll use it on new orders unless asked to otherwise. i thought about this for a couple weeks now and i think this calibration is more musically useful.

I love using the Folder as a VCA, but having a second one calibrated for more extreme folding would be pretty wicked too. I'm looking forward to hearing this version. Maybe I'll grab a second one done this way when I can afford it! w00t
Please describe the calibration procedure.
I assume this means getting out a voltimeter and tweaking the trimpots.
What are the ideal readings for extreme setting vs. VCA setting?

It is a damn fine module. love
I have considered getting a second one too.
Hey is that pic of the unit you just sent to Shikhee? She just told me it's on its way, and she's pretty excited! SlayerBadger! I'm looking forward to hearing the new calibration.

Shikhee's Wave Folder arrived today, conveniently enough while I am visiting her studio. SlayerBadger! It's already turned her DotCom into an entirely new synth. She hooked it up to her Q119 and has what sounds like a digital style wave sequence going. Fucking awesome!
i'd also like more info on this calibration procedure; i've got plenty of vca's, and would love to hear how this module sounds with more extreme folding.

ps i have the euro version.
this recalibration procedure doesn't really require any meter whatsoever IMHO.

just get a tiny flathead screwdriver and pull the module out of the rack. you'll need to have some clearance here ... the module needs to be plugged in while you're doing it.

take a sine wave from somewhere. feed it into the input of the Wave Folder. listen to its output

set the Input Gain at "0", as well as all other controls. remember "0" on the Offset control is noon.

now, take the screwdriver and crank the trimpot labeled "T2 CV Null" until you hear the sine wave, and it's not distorted. you're done.
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