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Blacet wire?
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Author Blacet wire?
Curious as to what wire blacet uses in the kits/modules. LOVE THIS STUFF FOR DIY! wink
i've meant to ask this too. I love it too.

If no one who knows replies, I bet Blacet would share the info.
Reese P. Dubin
It seems to be pretty much exactly like the 24awg pre tinned that Small Bear sells.

I actually did not use the wire that came with the kits for my Blacets, I have some heavier stuff I wanted to use up, and those pads are SO big and FAT that it seemed a shame to use such thin wire.

I use the Small Bear for all my stuff now, it is great. Thin and very bendable.
I only see 20 and 22 on small bear

if you havent worked with this wire you deserve to treat yourself.
this wire is practically the same that you find in blacet kits.
its 'partially bonded' wire so it holds the shape you put it in and it needs no tinning.
im sorry i didnt find this stuff when i first started diy. this wire has made me love panel wiring (almost). archpath=3374&start=9&total=14
Wire, #24 Pre-Bond, 50 Ft. Spool
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