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The things people say
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Author The things people say
I played with three friends for several years, including a rack of frac gear that was mainly used for "On the Run" in our set-long Pink Floyd medley.

One night after three sets of 100% covers, (Floyd, Allman Bros, Zappa, Cars, REM, Residents, Springsteen, ZZ Top, Hendrix, Neil Young, Rush, etc etc etc), a nice lady came up and asked, "So did you guys write *all* those songs?"

Yes. Yes we did. meh

electronicpresskit wrote:
Nothing against the kaoss pad, but running $25,000 of analogs through a $400 processor doesn't make much sense.


There goes my plan. sad banana
If you don't have $25,000 invested in your modular, you don't need to worry. The Kaoss Pad is great fun.
Fnord wrote:
I've only played out like 2-3 times, years ago. Ran into a guy I had a class with once, drunk out of his skull and got "what the fuck kinda gear you got man, it's like you got a fucking modem with you".

Once had a bandmate who'd attach himself to one technical term and use it over and over again completely out of context. His favorite term: LFO.
As in, "that sound needs more LFO's man" and "what sort of LFO do we need to get a bass sound like that". I tried to explain the whole modulation thing, but the dude just wanted more lfo's.

lol lol lol
I have had every version of the Kaoss Pad. If you get the gain right the KP3 can work well with modulars, especially live. the earlier ones less so.

However it is a damn shame they never made one with with really great converters, or at least SPDIF. I don't like to use them in the studio very much
cv slime 800
"It's amazing that you understand what you are doing"

My reply: "Sometimes I do. Sometimes it's just about turning knobs."
Best comment was after a warm-up show for some friends. Me on guitar, me mate on bass and some backing loops. Twin Peaks type stuff.

Barman puts on CD, looks at us packing up our gear and comes over - Says, 'Is that you guys on CD?'

I was so happy - it was Svefn-g-englar by Sigur Ros!
Somewhere around 1985 a friend and I were gigging at the all night party celebrating another friend's (very short lived) first marriage. I was just using a JX-3P and TR-606 but my band mate was using an Alpha Syntauri running on an Apple IIe computer with a green screen monitor...probably the first computer music system anyone there had ever seen.

While on a break this dude comes up to my buddy and says "How do you make that DO that?"

My buddy opened his mouth to answer, realized how impossibly broad the question was, shut his mouth and just walked away. hihi
Bob Borries
It wasn't from an audience member, but a from a former band member, you see we practiced the live set for weeks, but he never mentioned the titles of the songs. We did a one time gig in Whittier, where there was a microphone and I couldn't shut the guy up.

The first song was called "Bucky Balls" I presume it was a song about Buckminster Fuller's testicles. Then we went on to "Home Toy" which made the overly buzzy solo sound make sense. Then there was "Dolly Pop", I said, "You know there's children in the audience don't you!" He went on to say we were on tour in Pico Rivera, Montebello and Downey. (musically insignificant local cities)

I never wanted to crawl up and hide in my modular any more than that.
i had so manies... but i guess this enthousiastic guy in Rotterdam told me after my set "woa it's so great, but how do you dance on that shit ?"...
(i was playing that pre-breakcore mahyemic beats with a grindcore friend screaming on it... far to be gabber)

Before that, playing some sizzling frequencies and speed beats in a warehouse near Nantes (fr). Some dude came to us and yeel "you don't know how to play good hard-techno, i'll bring my records and show you how to"... yes but it was an live-set only party, so no turntables...
Same night at a certain moment, 5 cops came in to try to stop this 3000 hungry ravers illegal free party and came to my friend who was playing his set askin him his ID card (i guess they thought he was the guy in charge)... Someone came to the cops and explain that for the security of both them and the crowd the way to the exit.
the classic one for me is:

me: "i make electronic music"
geezer: "oh, so you're a dj?"

or this stunning variation:

me: "i'm a mastering engineer"
geezer: "oh, so you're a dj?"

an even after i've explained shit to them, they'll still introduce me to new people who claim an interest in music like this:

"oh, gregg's a dj..."

the fact that i've never mixed two records together in my life, nor even in software, doesn't seem to deter them. wink

another variant, reversed, i meet a dude into music:

me: "so what do you do?"
dude: "i'm a producer"
me: "oh, like sir george martin/steve albini?" [delete as applicable, and yes, i know steve albini doesn't like to refer to himself as a producer...]
dude: "nah, i make phat beats on my mpc"
me: "oh, ok..."

rant over!

A friend wanted to buy an Eventide H8000-FW and he asked me for some advice on the unit. He finally bought it and had some troubles with the drivers under Windows. He couldn't fix it so he sent me an email where he was like: "man, you need to help me with this because I hear MSN alerts through diatonic ultrashifters, bathed in cavernous reverbs..."

electronicpresskit wrote:
Nothing against the kaoss pad, but running $25,000 of analogs through a $400 processor doesn't make much sense.

Wait...but isn't $25,000 in modular synths like 80-something modules that each sell for $200 - $400? If it's not OK to run it through a $400 processor, then I guess it's not OK to run it through a $400 digital delay pedal like the El Capistan...or pretty much any pedal effect or analog phaser/delay or even the typical VCF module...right? seriously, i just don't get it
I was just wrapping my BGB up
And taking it for a little test spin...
A guy from the bar next door (a little drunk) came over and thought he was so clever

" I thought you were playing a Didgeridoo... you know What a Didgeridoo is?"

"What. do you have some tubes back there? That would sound great with tubes in it!"


Real fuckin' Clever. DickHead. A Didgeridoo with Tubes? Dead Banana
electrobusking I get some of the oddest questions sometimes more than once I've had people ask me if I was playing a radio!

I get a lot of people wanting me to make specific sounds for them.

but mostly I get "what's that thing?" "where's the sound coming from?"

one time I had a guy try and convince me that Andy Mouge was the inventor of the synthesizer.

my favourites though are the odd people who actually know what a synthesizer is and have intelligent things to say about them.
Bishop Dust
One of my modular gig, two men were talking in my back, one asking to the second : "wooww what's this, it looks complex ! " the second answered : "oh not as much, i think all the music you hear come form a tape" confused
I played my first modular gig last week, noise stuff.

A Japanese girl was talking to me afterwards about my "i don't know what you call it, is it a machine?", and said that "some of it was too noisy" but there were also sounds of "praying and conversations". When I left she said, "thank you and please keep being creative"

Pretty sweet.
About 10 years ago we did quite a lot of spaced-out tekno livesets in squads and freeparties. No moldulars back then, but between the 3-5 people we had about 2 big mixers, 2 MS20, 2 101s, rythemboxes & drummachines, a shitload of effects, DIY stuffs etc.

So we had been jamming for hours in a dirty corner of rather small room somewhere a squad, and for hours this huge hooligan looking guy had been tripping to our noise. At some point we realized our tempo was >180, 190 bpm, so STOP. tempo back to 120 bpm... couple of faders down... PLAY.
The big guy snaps out of his trance, walks over to us before he said anything my buddy says "So you want us to speed up again?" and the guy says in a heavy local accent:
"No! No! But could you please put back some of that crackleshit? I really like that."
(in local dutch: "Hedde nog wa van diene kroakshit? Da von'k wel goaf")
So we put the MS20 fader back up and he gives us a thumbs up instantly slips back into his trance and hung around for a couple of more hours nanners
hahaha this thread is amazing
I think mothers probably make the best comments. From mine, upon listening to my teenage self playing my shirt-button-keyboard PAIA 2700:

- can't you tune it?
- play something nice.
"cool sounds bro. what is that thing ?"
"it's a eurorack modular"
"eurorack ? like Behringer ?"

*poker face*
Muff Wiggler
"i get anxiety attacks just looking at it"
Christopher Winkels
jjclark wrote:
I think mothers probably make the best comments. From mine, upon listening to my teenage self playing my shirt-button-keyboard PAIA 2700:

- can't you tune it?
- play something nice.

That sounds like what my father said when I was living at home with my Modcan: "When are you going to play an entire song from beginning to end on that thing?"

Come to think of it, maybe my old man had a point. A little bit of synthesized Bachman-Turner Overdrive (one of his favourite bands) might not be a bad idea.
"what is this? Is this Nintendo music? I don't like Nintendo."
computer controlled wrote:
I've had more than a few funny and ignorant comments, here are a few:

After playing a live set: "Hey man, nice DJ set"
While playing a live set: "Hey DJ, can you play some dubstep?" and "Can you play some Lenard Skynard?"

But this is the best comment i've ever gotten...
after playing a live set: "That was better than any sex i've ever had!"


Well I dont have any modulars yet (or, thar dark energy of mine keeps asking for friends...), but I can relate a lot to that.I play live techno with Machinedrum and Octatrack, and on every single gig this year (10-12ish) I've heard things like "can you please please please play some disco, this is too hard man", "Hey DJ, can you play a new song soon?" "Thore are weird decks, but it sounds good" wink I usually take that as a compliment, that people cant tell my liveset from a DJ-set (since DJ-sets are usually well planned and full of choice tunes...) wink

Oh, and most of the other acts I play along with are either DJ's or play "livesets" from ableton live. Some refuse to believe me when I told them that my liveset is actually just some 10-15 16-step sequences that are manipulated live, as opposed to a pre-defined 1-hour show with 95% playback and a controller for playing some chords and melodies live :p

...And cheers from a fellow VSE'er wink

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