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New performance during Studio 303 residency
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Author New performance during Studio 303 residency


Last week I completed a residency at the Studio 303 in Montreal, where I worked with a group of amazing collaborators developing a new project at this point called "FOLD". I constructed a patch that was performed live with a new choreography that emerged from the rsidency. Here are a few pictures from the space/process, including my crazy notes for the patch.

Soy Sos

Looks so cool!
Nice documentation too.
Seems like a really interesting project and process.
I do a lot of work with dance and movement,
so I know what that world can be like. I'd be
interested in see and hearing the outcome
when you have something to share.


Soy Sos wrote:
Looks so cool!
Nice documentation too.
Seems like a really interesting project and process.
I do a lot of work with dance and movement,
so I know what that world can be like. I'd be
interested in see and hearing the outcome
when you have something to share.

Hi Soy Sos!
Thank you for your comments!
Yes, it was a pretty crazy process, but extremely fulfilling. The US crew (4 of us) worked with Canadian crew (3 dancers and a lighting designer) for one week. All day every day, and developed a sort of foundation for this new project. We did present a 25min Work In Progress piece, but are fully aware that the project itself will grow well beyond this stage. My role is interesting, as I am a director for this project, but also make the sound for it. It's a first time for me to wear these two hats at the same time...
We were super fortunate to be paired with absolutely amazing performers through Studio 303. And even though it seemed like it was going to be challenging to work with "strangers" it turned out to be a truly inspiring collaboration.
I am waiting on some more proper documentation (images and video), and will try to post when I receive it.

Interesting to hear about your work with dance productions! Do you work mainly in the Pittsburgh area, or elsewhere?

Soy Sos

Hey L.C.O.
When I do sound design and music for dance,
it's mainly for my wife's company STAYCEE PEARL dance project.
Though I've done work for a bunch choreographers over the years.
Here are a few trailers to give you a taste of recent SPdp works.
Very little modular here, mostly Ableton Live with laptop and controllers.
Extremely satisfying to be totally recallable, portable and create on the fly
in our dance studio or on site. ...ON BEING... did have a layer of
live improvised modular sound treatments though.

Soy Sos

Patch notes looks nut BTW. How much of the audio was nessesary to be reproduced exactly during the whole process and performance?
Funny, I'm sharing less and less of the work that I do here because it seems not many give a fuck when members are doing real projects out in the world. I just did a show with live looping and a sax/flute player and a hip hop track with a well know rapper/activist last week. Didn't post it on Muffs though.

Igor Berlin

I do give a fuck very much. These pics and the project looks amazing... however, I can't really get into it, because I just don't get how you can not post audio... afterall it's about synthesizers, hence about sound. I appreciate form through function and think that modulars and their electronics can be a very beautiful thing (as these pictures show), but without the sound (which this place should be about, but unfortunately isn't) it all becomes a little bit pretencious in my eyes.
Also the patch diagramm looks very nice as a piece of visual art, but in my opinion is very hard to use as patching help... difficult to follow all the connections in order to recreate the patch.
I'm trying to prepare a live set, where I start from scratch with no cables plugged in, and creating cheat sheets for patches turned out to be not as easy of a task, as I would've thought. They end up too messy for me to be able to recreate patches in a live situation.


Soy Sos,
Thank you for sharing the videos: they look and sound great! Very nice production.
For this piece I tried to stay completely in the live situation with mainly modular (also used the OP-1 in one part) in an attemt to further connect with the improvised moments. The crazy notes were made AFTER the event, as an attempt to document the patch. My main reason for this is so that I can reconstruct it in the studio, and do a clean recording of it. We will see if I can get something similar :-)

Pictures is all I have at the moment.
As I mentioned above, if/when I get the video, I will try to post something here as well, and perhaps I will be able to recreate the patch and record.
But the residency was super intense, and we developed the whole material in 5 days. I snapped these pictures along the way. I don't quite understand why you think it's wrong to share them???

Igor Berlin

sorry for my grumpy post. Having a bit of bad day. I appreciate your pictures a lot, they are very nice, like I would hang them on my wall nice. Thanks for sharing.
And drawing the diagram after the performance, opposed to drawing them for the performance, actually gives these drawings much more sense in my eyes.
I do appreciate your post, as I do with most posts which are not about new modules or what should I buy posts. Very curious to see and hear some of it, once you get around to post some video/ audio.
Afterall, there might be very good reasons why you don't have audio... and of course I prefer to see some pics of it, than nothing at all.

Soy Sos

I'll say that a major challenge to these things is proper documentation.
It's impossible to do the work and document it properly alone.
You really must have a separate person to be effective
or it can very much take you out of the moment. We have a wonderful
videographer who has worked with us on our last 2 projects and I never
want to be without him of someone like him again for these kinds of works.


You are SO right Soy Sos!
All my shots are all of rehearsal moments. When things were really happening, there was no way I could document. Also, considering the fact that the main focus of the residency was to develop ideas (the project is really in the early stages) the documentation was not exactly the highest priority.
In this piece I was already finding it quite challenging to be engaged as a musician, while at the same time trying to pay attention to the "big picture" as a director... Thank goodness I was working with amazing choreographer (Pramila Vasudevan) and just an awesome group of performers.

All good :-)
Thank you for your kind comments.
It's interesting that earlier you commented on the visual aspect of the modular synth. In fact I decided to try and focus on the modular as the instrument for this project partly because the structure of the whole piece is very modular. I like thinking about the meanings that can be conveyed even through the visual/functional characteristics of the modular system. In other words, what the instrument looks like is (to me) a meaningful component of the larger whole. The choreography consists of a quantity of smaller forms sometimes performed simultaneously, other times connected to each other through particular elements, passing ideas through gestures or objects. Much like signal traveling from module to module in my cases... Anyway: just something that I like thinking about.

And yes: I too love seeing posts that are not just about new module release or the "best filter" choices :-)


Old thread, but...

Later that summer (after the residency) I had an installation in a gallery in Minneapolis, which, one day, we (me and 4 collaborators) "played". As it turns out the whole thing, entire 30min, was recorded. So, given our conversation above, here is a different kind of "record" ... the only thing it has in common with the residency images above is that I used almost exactly the same euro system (though played very diffeent sets).

30 min is a lot, but I thought there were a few good moments in there :-)

Soy Sos

So cool, what a beautiful setting.
Was the sound in there pretty difficult?


Yeah, not the friendliest accoustic setting. But given the noisy nature of the piece it worked out ok :-)


looks beautiful!


Very interesting piece L.C.O. Give that man a throat lozenge - damn.

Real nice implementation visually and overall. The music builds up perfectly.

Amazing how an idea can come to fruition with the effort of a practiced ensemble.

we're not worthy

A two pen patch diagram - a work of art in itself.

I am just a hermit in a studio - but folks like you and SoySos are living the art - very inspiring.



this is a very, very cool piece of art!

L.C.O. we're not worthy

that patch diagram MY ASS IS BLEEDING


Thanks guys!

We are working on a bigger version of this project just now. It will premiere early May. Bigger space, something like 30 performers... it's going to be crazy! :-)

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