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what type of projector would I need for LZX
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Author what type of projector would I need for LZX

I have had GAS for an LZX for a while now, most likely not going to happen for soon but doesn't hurt to have the facts. I would want to run it from a projector but I am unsure as to what I type I would need. Most of the projector seem to have a monitor type resolution like 800x600 for example. I presume these are more for PC's than video? I am in the UK so I would need a PAL device. Can anyone give me an idea of what I need to be looking for.

Thanks in advance.
What you need depends a little on what kind of material you show. The available systems for video synthesis are composite or S-video. This means that you do not need a high resolution projector as you will be dealing with standard video resolution.
I do high frequency, often flickering, video which sometimes makes the projectors freeze up. My experience is that this often happens in venues with high end expensive projectors, which probably have correcting circuits which do not like high frequent video (even if the signal is inside the right specifications). Some years back I got the simple Panasonic PT-LB51 (probably discontinued) which worked great for composite video coming from oscillators. Make sure to have strong enough brightness. I guess all projectors produced today do both PAL and NTSC, so that should be no problem. Take a look at where you can find a lot of information.
What Kjell said sounds right to me too.

Any display or recording device (projectors included) with NTSC/PAL input should work just fine.

In some cases you may benefit from a formats converter (such as to convert NTSC/PAL to VGA or HDMI) before sending it to the projector, but this all depends on the projector and how good it's analog to digital converters are whether it makes a big difference in picture quality or not. The same principle applies to LCD televisions -- a lot of times the composite video input on cheaper models is glossed over and very poor.
I've plugged my LZX into everything from dinky little office projectors to 10k club beamers, and I haven't had a single issue yet. The signal coming from the CVE is rock solid in my experience. Even if there is lot of flashing, glitching, etc. the projector never loses the signal.
The higher the lumens and contrast ratio, the better. I like to find ones with horizontal and vertical keystoning, as it makes installation much easier.
Yeah, with keystoning - the cheaper projectors use digital interpolation to do the keystoning, with the results looking pretty terrible IMHO. My projector works like this and I generally just deal with the trapezoid for that reason. But I'm sure this does more damage when scaling native-resolution inputs than with a composite input.
Yes "horizontal and vertical keystoning" is important to have. If you do flicker video synthesis you can flip both projectors and LCD panels at certain frequencies. This can be done by all kind of playback devices including the LZX (tested). It depends on the work you do.
I have a several years old Optoma EP739 that is around 2000 lumens which is bright enough to use in a daylit room. It has keystone correction, etc...

I also have an Acer K11 LED projector that is 200 lumens. It isn't bright enough to use without dimming the ambient light. But it is very portable.

Both work well enough for me.

The 3 most common technologies used in projectors are:

CRT - These are pretty much obsolete now. They had 3 high brightness CRTs with color filters. Big and heavy units. Sony made the best ones. Chances are there are ones sitting in storage rooms that you could get for free or next to nothing and they looked pretty good up to about 10 or 15 feet diagonal. Barco might still make some of these, but not cheap.

LCD - Many low cost ones are LCD. They look good for small and medium sized images but if you project too large they are either dim or light leaks through the "black" parts of the image. (meaning they are never truly black)

DLP - These used to be the expensive ones, but these days you can get very reasonably priced ones. These tend to be the brightest because they work by reflecting a bright lamp onto a chip with micro-mirrors on it. DLP now covers the range from small reasonably priced units on up to the largest, brightest, most expensive ones out there.

You can even now get pocket projectors that use DLP chips and are the size of a cell phone. Though not good enough for a large screen, these can project at about the size of a monitor.

Pretty much all LCD and DLP projectors scale the input to fit their internal resolution. The higher the internal resolution, the less likely you'll see artifacts when the image is projected large.
Thanks for all the info guys, I have plenty to research now.

I wouldn't need a big display size as its just for home studio use (its not a big room) it would be for reletivey simple visuals on a fairly basic system.

Guinness ftw!
If it is for studio use you might consider a CRT monitor (especially for video synthesis). You could probably find a good broadcast monitor at a good price.
I'll second that. If you can get one of the old commodore64 color monitors, they look great and are usually cheap and fairly light/portable as far as CRTs go. I'm using a Sony 19" broadcast monitor currently.
I've seen a lot of Sony broadcast monitors going on ebay recently for next to nothing ($25-$100). There are a few at higher prices too. They are great devices. I have a couple of them. There's others too, like Ikagami going for similar prices.

There's also a bunch of 2000+ Lumen DLP projectors for a couple hundred dollars. Though be aware that the bulbs on those can be expensive, and do wear out, so expect to have to replace them soon with a used projector.
check PM, please.
i recently got this beamer +x1110#navbar
plus this screen
i'm feeding it from an edirol V4 with this cable.
works great Trampoline
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