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PlagueBearer R4
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Author PlagueBearer R4
computer controlled wrote:
You got one? Cool. That was some crazy packaging i had to do. But it looked cool, so it was worth it =o]

One? I got 25. smile

I´m Ulf from Escape from Noise btw.
Got the box yesterday and nicked two for myself right away. Haven´t tried the modules, but if they are anything like the packaging...
computer controlled
Ahhh... that makes sense =o] Glad they're getting out in the wild now.
Are these at any US distributors?

They are in stock at analog haven, I ordered one today.
Thank for the info apfEID - I ordered one and should have it Monday!

Ordered a PB R4. Can't wait to try it out!
mine arrived tonight, it's straight up MENTAL.

got a feeling I'll be getting a second one sometime.
@apfEID thanks for the info about AH; just got mine.

Seems really cool. And yep I may end up with two too. smile

Loving my Plague Bearer v4!

Posted a brief demo using it and the IMP here, for those who are interested:

Thank You Flight of Harmony! Tackar Escape from Noise! applause
Probably not possible, but I have two unbuilt pb kits (the last version) and I really want the limiter function. Could I send them in to get modded?
computer controlled
Its a whole new PCB design.
Robert Moob
PB R4 is awesome! my new favourite filter... Guinness ftw!
Mine should arrive this week!!! It's motherfucking bacon yo
computer controlled
Packaging is superb!

Great unit for a great price! Thx CC
Simply superb Rockin' Banana!
computer controlled
Boelie035 wrote:
Packaging is superb!

Great unit for a great price! Thx CC

thumbs up
Ive been considering selling my older PB and getting the new one but Im not sure the cost will be worth the difference. Anyone done this?
just picked up a 2nd hand (unbuilt) bare bones of the PB and looking for some tips - especially regarding:

- those AMP connectors - ive never dealt with these before - it seems like there must be a nice n easy way to get wires in there without soldering?

- i assume either power connections can be used - the AMP connection or the 10 point doepfer size one (which would be + GND GND GND - right?)

- to get the multiple ins/outs of the non-BB version could i just hook up a second jack to the signal path of the gain cv (for example)?

i think ill send a mail to FOH with these questions too.. but looking to get this one up and running tomorrow if possible, so thanks for any help.
I cant wait to get my hands on a couple of these!!
UMBRA77 wrote:
I cant wait to get my hands on a couple of these!!
They are on their way to dealers right now.
The Plague Bearer is by far one of my favorite filter's. I love the way they make everything sound!!! I think Im going to get a couple more....Maybe I should just go quad....Also really love the attenuation options on my new PB!!!
I just did the wise thing and ordered 2 (thanks to this thread)......Lets just say I can't wait for these beasts to rear their ugly heads hihi

This module has intrigued me since day one, before I bought anything and was just 'looking' at euro rack stuff. It was one of the first modules I read up on and listened to demos on.....Bring them on hyper
Wow these are great. After a day with them yesterday they have really lived up to my expectation. applause

Loving the percussive sounds you can get from these beasts.

Noted a great BD kick, industrial snares etc.

Anyone else firing pulse/triggers at Plague bearers for an industrial drum kit setup? hmmm.....
I have one mk3 I think. I love it so much that I'll probably pick up a 4 as well. thumbs up
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