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Two extra wires in FAB Flange
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Author Two extra wires in FAB Flange
No doubt a number of folks here are familiar with the Danelectro FAB series of pedals, especially the FAB Echo. Internally they comprise two boards, an input/output/buffering/switching board that seems to be (almost) common to all the pedals, and then a smaller one that has the actual guts of the specific pedal circuit.

I just opened up the FAB Flange, expecting to find the same five wires connecting the common board to the flange board: white (signal in), silver shield (ground), yellow (signal out), red (9V) and blue (LED supply). Imagine my surprise to find two EXTRA wires on the board, a green and a black next to the blue wire. Anybody have any idea what these do and if they can be safely ignored?

Thanks for your time.
my guess would be that since the flanger has a modulation component that wire would be doing just that? Sending a modulation signal from one board into the other?
Hi, btw spinning
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