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Matrixsynth by.... Coagula!
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Author Matrixsynth by.... Coagula!
Muff Wiggler
So I've always really enjoyed the "Matrixsynth by..." series on the Matrixsynth blog. It's where different readers get their synth display to read "Matrixsynth", and they take a photo, and Matrix publishes it to his blog. I did one with my DTXtreme drum brain.

Anyway, I had a stupid idea, and since I'm known to take stupid ideas and run with them, I did just that.

Coagula is a really cool, freeware "image synth". You draw (or import) an image, and you get to 'hear how it sounds'.

Let's combine the world of "Matrixsynth by..." with the world of Coagula, shall we? And add a dose of my own immature stylings... and see what we get...

Ok, so yes it's a work of art. But how does it sound?

wonder no more, simply click here instead

I trust that made your weekend. You're welcome razz
im sorry but its going to take a decent blo job a bottle of whiskey

and pompey to beat west ham to make my weekend

thanks 4 trying tho.. meh
grin lol
Muff Wiggler
lol it was stupid but hey, Matrix posted it 8)
The hell-a-chopper is what made me laugh lol
It just wouldn't be the same without it
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