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SoS normal behavior?
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Author SoS normal behavior?
Ok before I begin let me state that I read the manual and I'm extremely happy with this module( its pure fucking evil twisted) Anyhow I've noticed that when I turn the rate knob all the way counter clockwise the delay signal simply disappears and if I attempt to turn the rate knob back in a clockwise direction, a pop will occur and the delay signal once again kicks in. Basically is this normal behavior for the SoS?
Mostly yes. When turning CCW, the delay starts to get glitchy around 9:00, and will disappear entirely around 8:30 (these positions may vary a bit due to component tolerances), so there is a dead spot from 8:30 to full-CCW. Turning it back CW past the glitchy point - so past about 9:00 - brings the delay back. As for the pop, I'm not sure exactly, but what is heard depends on your feedback, insert, and input settings.

Glad to hear you like it otherwise though!
After playing with the insert, mix, and feedback knobS the so called pop was pretty much gone. Not surprisingly it tended to occur when a hot signal was being fed into the module and one of my envelators were modulating the rate at audio level. Judging from others videos I'm pretty sure its more or less just the clickity chaos that ensues when you push this thing to its limits.
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