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Doepfer A100G3 +5v power!??!?
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Author Doepfer A100G3 +5v power!??!?
Hello all,

After taking a couple years off from modulars I picked up a used A-100G3 case to build a simple monosynth with. I bought a number of used and new modules last week and the case and first two modules arrived today. I hooked up a Analogue solutions basic osc and it worked fine. I then plugged in a Doepfer A-190 midi to cv and it seemed like it was dead.

I checked the Analogue Haven page and read that the module required a A-100 AD5 Adapter for +5v power.

My case has a A-100 v.3 bus board with +5v listed as the third pin down in the socket. The green LED on the right side of the board does not light up when I power up the case.

So my pathetically noobish questions are thus:

A.) Should this case properly power an A-190 module?
B.) Will the AD5 adapter do the trick? (I already ordered one)
C.) Could have I damaged it by plugging it directly into the A-100 board?


Hi Don,
The AD5 adapter is specifically what is needed to supply 5v to those pins on the busboard. What it actually does is plug directly into one of the sets of pins, take the 12v lead, regulate it down to 5v, and send it along that line.

You won't damage the A-190, but it won't work either.

Basically, you need the AD5. wink
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