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Anyone modify a EH LPB 2ube Pre-amp?
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Author Anyone modify a EH LPB 2ube Pre-amp?
Tone Def
I was wondering if it is possible to mod a EHX LPB 2ube preamp with some cooler tubes? I'm clueless when it comes to this stuff... but was simplemindedly thinking this could be cool.
Muff Wiggler
hey i've got one, which i'm selling at the moment

it came with sovtek branded tubes, which were noisy

i swapped them for EH brand, which were surprisingly a lot quieter ( i know it's the same company )

i assume you could put 12AT7's in there as well, to trade less gain (about 70% of the gain of 12AX7's) for quieter operation
Tone Def
How much you selling yours for?
Muff Wiggler
it's over at the music consignment shop here in town, been there long enough i could take it back....

They/we are selling it for $175, I'll give it to you for $160 shipping included if you'd like

i have a bunch of stuff over there, and I haven't called them in about 10 days to check up on what is sold and what isn't, so if you do want it, I'd say to wait before paying me, I will call them, make sure it hasn't sold, and if not tell them to hold it and I'll go get it. once i confirm it's still there you could send over payment.
Electrosonic makes a 9-pin to octal adapter for converting 12AX7 to 6SL7. It isn't intended for designs that are susceptible to noise. So, not anything EH makes, and especially not high gain circuits. It is something to keep in mind for other purposes. It looks like a great place to get custom amps for reasonable prices. Pentodes, octals, anything...
Tone Def
So, recommend swapping them out? I see the stock tubes get very noisy at around 3/4 to full on the drive huh?
Muff Wiggler
depends on what you want - but if you want them cleaner, yeah
Now I'm curious-- what other things are you selling at the consignment store? (Or is it all listed in buy/sell/trade?). I'm a sucker for looking at gear for sale that I can't really afford.
Muff Wiggler
i think it's all listed -

currently up for grabs

- fretless electric j-bass style bass with broken trussrod
- EH 16 Sec Delay Reissue Ltd. Edn.
- EH LBP2Ube
- EH Black Finger Compressor
- EH Vintage Hot Tubes Mint Condition

Also considering selling Holier Grail and The Wiggler, but I'm not 100% sold on getting rid of them, so somebody would have to want them and make an offer
Tone Def
What 12ay7 tubes are considered top notch?
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