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power supply questions for LZX
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Author power supply questions for LZX
Hello all
I'm new to this forum, but have joined because I am building a LZX system and have lots of questions ( and am super excited about these modules). Right now I am looking for a power supply. I've read all the info on the LZX website and also spoke to lars about it on a few occasions. I wrote Monorocket an email about the power requirements of the LXZ modules and about their M6B and M6A but they didn't write me back ( yet anyway). I've looked at some of the gorillabox enclosures but they are quite expensive. Basically I'm looking for something like the Monorocket cases for 500 or under that can power a LZX basic system with a little room to breathe power wise. Or maybe just the straight story on which Monorocket case to purchase and where its in stock. Got any suggestions?

thanks much

we're not worthy
i'm sure the new monorocket stuff would be fine.

for a cheap 6u case (they also do a 9u version if you want to plan future expansion evil ) i'd seriously look at doepfer's lc6. reasonably priced and the power supply is rock solid. you can even paint it whatever pretty colours you want!
When you're shopping for power for an LZX system the easy rule is "10mA per HP per power rail". A 6U case (like the one Sandy links to above) and also the Monorocket M6A/M6B has a total 168HP.

So ideally you'd want 1680mA per rail, if you were to use this case to fill up entirely with high power draw LZX modules. The M6A (and the Doepfer LC6) have 1200mA per rail, so not quite cutting it -- but probably fine if you were going to share the case with several Doepfer modules. The M6B has 2400mA per rail total, so that would be more than enough to power a full LZX case with plenty of headroom. Headroom is always good.

The M9B has 252HP and a total of 2400mA per rail power, so that's almost at the LZX 10mA per HP budget. Chances are you'd be fine filling this case with LZX -- there are plenty of the LZX modules that don't use up their whole power budget (it's more of a maximum rating.)

So go with the M6A or LC9 if you want to plan to add some lower power modules to the case too. Go with the M6B or M9B if you're wanting to fill up your case with LZX modules entirely at some point.

It's worth noting that the increased power draw of the LZX modules also applies to some Harvestman and Metasonix modules, and Dave Jones' future video synth modules.
It looks like Big City music just got the M9B's in stock.
I just bought my M9B from big city music it should arrive on friday - in orange.

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