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Lost Terrain - Serge Modular Explorations
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Author Lost Terrain - Serge Modular Explorations
Originally this was going to be a distributed CD but I've decided to release it free on the web as MP3s as well as a lossless FLAC version:

Lost Terrain contains three audio journeys powered by the wonderful Serge Modular Synthesizer. These pieces are composed from self-generating modular synthesizer patches with a little manually-played synth added for good measure here and there. These songs are free for personal enjoyment but are not licensed for commercial use.

Thanks for the gift! Sounds great! And it reminded me to purchase your 'Shadow' CD too! ;-)
Well done! This sounds terrific. I appreciate you making it available like this, as well. Chugging Beers
Some notes on the production of the individual songs:

The real presentation piece in this album is Artic-11/25 as it's the most complex structurally. As an exercise, It was made with only the Serge "Creature" and "Gator" M-odules...going into it I thought it was going to be very minimal with such a constrained palette but I was able to get a much wider selection of timbres and rhythmic motifs than I could have ever hoped.

The combination of the pulse divider and boolean function blocks on the Gator allowed for lots of rhythmic variety derived from a simple pulse train and having odd divisions as well as even ones allowed for some unexpected polyrhythms.

The Creature was the workhorse for sound generation in this pairing and I got many of the "bed" sounds, including the initial, and repeated, "rumbling drone with sonar ping" motif from this simple patch:

That was just a jumping-off point though - I added a lot of modulation from the Gator to that initial config to get those timbres.

The VCFQ turned out to be a fantastic sound source as well as being a workhorse multimode filter. The Trig input on that function block is a godsend for percussion of all types.

In Artic-11/25 there are maybe six tracks of Creature/Gator laid down.

In Cenote-88, formally known as "Stumblegum" before its reworking, the Serge was used simply as a "rhythm track" accompaniment to improvised lines from an electric piano. In this piece the Serge was not multi-tracked, instead, the entire percussive section was generated from a single patch that was tweaked with its pots through the duration of the piece:

Forest Area-9b
Forest Area-9b, though simpler in form both timbrally and structure-wise, used the most number of Serge function blocks. Patching on this one was much more straightforward. The melodic line that slowly builds through this piece begins as a random selection of voltages that becomes increasingly less random until about eight minutes in when the TKB is switched out of random mode and the melody becomes a repeating one.

Random pulses were used for the bird sounds and weird slow transients in the background.

A lot of long attacks on the timbres in this piece give it a weird "backwards" feel though no tracks were reversed.
cool, thx, downloading now.
great cover art.
Ciao carbon111.. Great Tracks!!!
Thx i really enjoy it.
Thanks guys! I appreciate all the kind words!

If you like this stuff, be sure to check out "Touch" for more dark ambient or "Shadow" for chill/downtempo:

Did you multitrack this (as in over dubbing)? Or is it all live?

Just curious.

Either way it sounds sweeeeeet!


As mentioned in the notes above (4th post), Artic-11/25 had about six passes and the Serge part of Cenote-88 was just a sigle patch recorded on a single track...the rest of the piece was multi-tracked.

Forest Area-9b is about four passes.
just got around to listening to the download.
Artic-11/25 is awsome SlayerBadger!
great job
Much appreciated! Mr. Green

I'm working on a track now where I'm using the Serge as just a regular old 3-osc monosynth for lead lines - blasphemy! lol
yep, I was doing traditional nasty moogish bass the other day with my midi cv gate converter... TGO was the osc, and two halves of a DSG were sub-osc, for heavy low end...filter set to low resonance, mmm so round and juicy!hyper

I also made a very accurate 909 kick drum using two halves of a DSG and one as the clock. 8)
b3nsf wrote:

I also made a very accurate 909 kick drum using two halves of a DSG and one as the clock. 8)

I'd love to hear about the patch...

I get great kick sounds by triggering the VCFQ and putting a little DTG envelope on the Frequency. Then I mix the HI and LO outputs.

It's uber simple, set up DSG half one as clock, trigger from there goes into trig input of DSG half 2, controls set as sharp attack medium quick decay, blue output goes to variable CV input on DSG 3 which is patched with a short cord to cycle tuned around 60 hz... then tune amount of CV to get the correct amount of pitch mod, you could use DSG half 4 as a low pass filter if you want to make the daft punk (outside the rave dull thud)!!! 8)

edit: forgot to mention patch DSG 1 which is cycling (short attack medium decay) blue out to the xfade am input for cleaner kicks.... d'oh!
great, thanks! w00t
This album is awesome! Thanks for sharing some of your methods/process as well; helps one to visualize what was going on behind the scenes with the net and monkeys.
Kudos! we're not worthy SlayerBadger! we're not worthy SlayerBadger! we're not worthy
HexEnduction wrote:
...helps one to visualize what was going on behind the scenes with the net and monkeys.


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