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Euro case and power supply for frac modules...
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Author Euro case and power supply for frac modules...
Maybe a stupid question...

I just impulse purchased a Schroff 6U subrack and a Condor HCC-15-3-A (15V, 3A) power supply off ebay. I was originally going to start a second Euro rack but now I'm thinking maybe I should try something different.

Does anyone know if frac modules will fit this rack and work with this power supply? If not maybe I'll sell them and buy something frac specific.
double-check that's a dual supply (plus and minus 15vdc; according to digikey it is)... if it is you're good to go, and 3 amps will allow for substantial expansion.

case: not so much. even tho they're both 3u, frac and euro have different screw placements and slightly different faceplate sizes. they also assume different clearances behind the panel for boards and panel-mount components. the good news is, blacet racks are much less expensive than most euro rack chassis.

as I wrote in the ebay thread, those 6U schroff also don't have front rails for the middle part... I think you might be able to move the back middle ones forward, though.
The Schroff racks use sliding nuts so the screws can be lined up however you need them to fit.

Power supply is +/- 15VDC.

I have two center rails already.

Maybe this will work...
The differance isn't in the hole to hole distance, its rail to rail. Frac rack modules are bigger than Euro, you can mount Frac modules in a Euro frame but not direct into the rails, needs extra hardware.

You can, of course, just use the rails & mount them in a differant enclosure (maybe with some mods the enclosure or bits of it you have) the rails need to be further apart for Frac basically.
Oh...I see. I was thinking horizontal placement. Now I know.
I think unless you need it for a specific reason as per BananaPlugs setup its more hassle than its worth.

Grab a couple of Blacet racks, if you are mounting em inside another rack case get some FPD ears made & double up! ( each Blacet rack contains 4 rails so you can cheapskate abit, but don't tell himI told you that Tinfoil Hat )
Well at least I can still use this rack and psu for more Euro modules.
jonkull wrote:
Well at least I can still use this rack and psu for more Euro modules.

Maybe I misunderstood what you said, but you'll have to use the rack for euro and the PSU for Frac, right? The PSU you have is 15v? Euro needs 12v.

*some* euro might run off 15v I think, but not all.
The power supply I bought can either be +/-15V or +/-12V. It's selectable by jumper.
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