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Cwejman MX-4S Ideas
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Author Cwejman MX-4S Ideas
Hi folks, if you happen to have an MX-4S, here are a couple of things to try:

If you have a sine wave available at the same frequency as the audio going in to a channel, send the sine to the pan input.

Once you've got two or more channels patched up and you're about ready to take it all apart, just for fun, swap all the signals around. eq. route one voice to the level or pan of another.
Hey, cheers for the tips. I love my MX-4S, but havent tried that sine trick before tonight.

What happens in your system when you do this?
For me; on the same frequency I get subtle panning of what i hear as upper harmonics. However if the Frequency is 1 octave higher than the sine i am getting much more obvious panning.

So I tried to make what i think is a Doppler effect. I had both oscs rising in pitch using a Cwejman ADSR. The sine being on the same frequency (not an octave below as said above ). As the pitch increased, so did the rate of panning. Am i correct this is a Doppler effect.
It was a great sounding patch, as it introduced new rising harmonics out of seemingly no where.

sorry if that all sounds a bit jumbled, late night in the office d'oh!

Heres something a bit more obvious with my MX4s. Using the PH-4 Quadrature module and some mixers, I slowly and subtly modulate the levels of 4 Oscs going into seperate channels of the MX.
When I use it in a patch its great for evolving sounds.
Glad this was of some use. I have a unison patched up, all mixed together and feeding one channel on the MX-4S. Taking one of the spare audio outs on each oscillator in turn to the the pan input on the channel emphasizes that oscillator. It just makes the sound seem wider in the speakers. If you use a square or something sharper, you will get a more noticeable change. If you drop down an octave of fiddle it seems like it will either become a noticeable pan according to the beat frequency, or you will start to get a ring mod like sound (AM, I guess). Sometimes the result leans more out of one speaker than the other, and you can use the pan knob to get it centered again if desired.

In any case, try sending the audio of one voice into the level of another. Particularly interesting if one voice is percussion.
Wow, the result of this audio rate panning is incredible, particularly when it's some harmonic ratio of the voice being panned.

I unfortunately don't have an MX-4, but I was able to do the same experiment with the A-134 panner. It distorts a bit without attenuating the pan control signal, but the desired affect was achieved. Turning up the attenuator made the voice wider, a very simple thing, but the results were astounding.

The thought of doing this with more than one channel is really eating at me now. I had been batting away the MX-4 for a while now, but I think this is going to be the thing that pushes me over the edge.

Thanks doug! Hug
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