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Metal Distortion...for synths
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Author Metal Distortion...for synths
James Mandible
I'm in the market for an extreme distortion pedal for my Mopho. I've heard the Metal Zone sounds good for synths, anyone know of any other good ones?
I've had the best successes with chaining 2 together. There's so many delicious flavors, depending on what you're trying to do. I like to start with a zvex machine. I find the zvex box of metal to be very useful for percussive type sounds, because of the built in gate. I like the DOD death metal pedal, but I find it to be a little noisey. For tubey face melting, you can't go wrong with a culture vulture, but it isn't a pedal. The geiger counter is GREAT if you like your sounds digital and raw. So many flavors. Big Muff Pi is also very nice, and then there's always the old faithful boss DS-1, which, while not amazing by itself, does some nice things while in a chain.
I'm rambling, I haven't slept. I'd try some out if i were you, or look for examples. I sold my headphone eating mopho, or i'd offer to do some recordings.
James Mandible
I had one of those DODs and sold it because of the awful noisiness, which I couldn't even tame with a noise gate. It was just too much, although it definitely had a sound close to what I was looking for. I've been using the DS-1 so I'm definitely looking for something to either go in a chain with it or to use separately. I'll look into the zvex, thanks!

Anyone have experience with the metal muff? I don't seem to hear about it much.
I have an MXR fullbore metal which I like quite a bit; the sweep-able mid frequency is a lot of fun to play with, and the built in noise gate is helpful for taming noise.
A huge component of the metal guitar/bass sound is the kind of speakers used. You can have the perfect pedal/amp combination for a metal sound, but if you're playing it through typical monitor speakers you're just not going to get the sound. A corollary to this is that if you play almost anything through any semi-decent distortion pedal into a mesa rectifier closed 4x12 cabinet it's going to sound metal as hell.

Having said that, in the studio situation speaker emulators can be your friend. Some pedals have these built in - I think the line6 stuff does - at least in their podxt series the speaker simulators are what make the sound.
I think the EH Metal Muff is what you're after. Really great scooped-mid sound, and the treble boost is very nice, too. It makes a great team with the Boss Heavy Metal right in front of it.
James Mandible
The EH is one I was already somewhat leaning towards, so I'm glad to hear it's a good one. I did forget about the MXR though so I'll check those both out next time I'm at the store. How's the bass sound on those? I don't use a lot of distorted bass but sometimes it's great for drones.
huge fan of muff member haiku-ish's NOS germanium fuzz face for synths:

and he now builds them into euro modules! wink

this is my beauty:

+1 on the big muff pi, I got the black russian version. Bass, drums, feed it damn near anything and it will sound sweet. Malekko b:assmaster is another the works well with synths. My best distortions however usually come from overdriving my preamps on my mixer and overdrive pedals. I've had mixed results with a lot of high gain distortions. The metalzone is badass though. SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
Been running my synth through a Pigtronix Disnortion lately. Sounds great to me.
Love my old Boss HM-2. I also have the Line 6 Ubermetal but find it less appealing for some reason I have yet to decide.
Peavey Trans(not)tube Supreme head
with a Metasonix TS-21 Hellfire Modulator in the effects send.
Bop! endless sustain and uber thrash Agony!
or you can do other gain stages in series.
The Moogerfooger Murf into the Sherman/Rodec Restyler brings some brutal distortion.
Both of those have really nice gain circuits with soft-clipping.

...or perhaps BugBrand VCA/Drive and and EQ to scoop those mids.
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