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plague help
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Author plague help
i've realised that after installing some attenuators for the high and low cv inputs on my bare bones kit...

...with nothing connected to any of the cv inputs, the 'high cv attenuator' produces a small sweep thru the high parameter. by itself. if that makes sense..

this doesnt happen with the low cv attenuator.

where are the volts coming from i wonder?

the attenuators were originally wired in wrong ( the in and out of the pot were mixed up ) applause

this was fixed and i cant think of any other way that i could have messed this up. it seems so simple no?

anyways , can someone else who has some attenuators installed for the high and low cv confirm they dont have the same happening please?

thanks heaps
actually ..... after a bit closer look it does also happen with the low cv attenuator as well. all pots are at 12:00 except low pot at 3:00

the funny bit is if i patch a totally separate attenuator into each of the cv in's (with nothing connected to the attenuators input) i can also sweep the low and high parameters.. anyone got a PB and an attenuator to check for me?

none of this bothers me unless i'm gonna blow something up.. just interested

many fanks
I recall encountering this myself while messing around with the PB in the past... IIRC, it was a very small range of sweep though, and barely noticeable.
Could you post a diagram of your wiring please? That would help in figuring this out.
soz, i forgot i started this thread oops

i have made no attempt to fix this cause its a nice addition i've found.
haha.. i like how you took a problem and made it a tool

i don't know much.. i mean nothing at all about electricity and analog synths... my future retro xs was easy to grasp.. so was the SEM... but some of the modulations between the 2 weren't what i expected

working with the quad plague bearer isn't easy... but it has been immensely rewarding and proven its worth many times over... i don't know what it is exactly i'm learning.. but i'm finding sweet spots and modulations and amounts that work really interestingly.... its just an amazing device that drives my creativity

i'm glad he builds them though... kits are attractive in price but out of my league... i have more money than patience... or i should... because i have no patience
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