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Video Palette II
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Author Video Palette II
I'm doing some experimenting with this device by North Country Radio, The Video Palette II. I'm thinking of modifying it and/or making it into a euro module. Has anyone tried this? The effects are nice, but the device is very sensitive/jittery (which may have more to do with the mechanically poor enclosure I have it currently in). However, the device does seem to take a lot of fine adjustments to get it to work right. It would be nice to somehow rectify this, while maybe adding CVs to the individual effects. I'm just getting in to working on video circuits, so any advice would be appreciated.
I know andrewF here on the forums has one and has either modified or is planning to modify it for some external CV controls, so maybe he'll chime in. It's an interesting basic set of analogue video effects!
sorry missed this thread, must've been Guinness ftw!
thanks for the pm fletch
My experiences are the same as yours, its hard to get a stable image.

My pallette II is much modded. i will drag out my notes and place them in this thread in case anyone else is curious.
The mods don't make it behave any better, worse if anything.
Can't find my notes so have to rely on memory.

I replaced the three switches with gate input circuits
and used this circuit to convert a CV signal into a 0 to +5V or -5V to 0 range

'Fade Background', 'Solarize', 'Inverter Dc level' and 'Posterize' pots are all connected between +5V and 0 or -5V and 0. The connections to +/-5V were replaced with the Cv input circuits (tuned to deliver in the correct range).

The high freq trimpot, R26 was replaced with a 20k panel pot.

also added the Karl Klomp rupter and dirty mixer as part of the circuit, just to make a real dogs breakfast of it.
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