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sound design: horn honks?
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Author sound design: horn honks?
I'm working on a small animated video thing in which I need some horn honking, such as that one hears from a car and truck. I've been sitting here playing with my VCOs and haven't really hit on a sound that gets close. Ideally I'd like to get several timbres and pitches from Toyota beeps to semi truck honks.

I've recorded my fiancées Honda Civic and a couple of other friends' cars, and I suppose I could probably find some on sample sites, but when you have a nice modular system in front of you, it seems like the thing to do. Anyone have any suggestions?
Oh wait. I wasn't trying hard enough.

Two and three detuned oscillators works well. This is a uLFO and malekko Unkle, and there may be some Donut in there too on one of these.
Other details: Model 12 low pass gives it something that a regular LPF doesn't. The tuning is done with the Choices joystick X to one VCO and Y to another. And then the Pressure points works well to open up a VCA with the pressure (more natural attack) and the tuned voltages of the PP change things like PWM and the cutoff of the M12.

That was super good! thumbs up
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