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polyevolver + moog guitar + cocostuber : 2 new videos
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Author polyevolver + moog guitar + cocostuber : 2 new videos
Hi Lovely people,

... back with a couple of cents

Just got some copyright issues sorted and managed to publish a couple of pieces ... they both feature: (1) polyevolver, (2) moog guitar, (3) jomox t-resonator, (3) cocostuber, (4) eurorack modulation

the compositions are entitled odes to Merzbow ... i think that even if you are not a fan of merzbow we all have to acknowledge that partly due to his work, Noise is nowadays a respected and well disseminated music gender

tracks/videos available at: nza-by-lopezdonado/

and nfined-birds/

______ please comment if you can hyper

if you like this stuff, please, please, please stop at my facebook badpage

and click 'like' I am attempting to build a bit of a social net for future collaborations help

peace and love

Yours, LopezDonado
Nelson Baboon
Listening to the first one now. Goddamn I love your stuff.
yeah this is great
Thanks for the motivating replies !
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