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insuring video modular gear
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Author insuring video modular gear
Does anyone have any advice as to how best to insure video gear for both home stdio and gig/event useage?

Sometime in the next few months my video gear will be worth more than all the music gear in my house put together - I don't know whether it is best to insure the whole lot as one in strument that gets moved around or as some sort of stage rig in separate parts or what...

I think this definitely varies by insurance company. I currently live overseas in a very third world country. My insurance company has no problem with inexpensively insuring my audio gear against theft in my home country and that third world country. However when I've inquired with them in the past about taking my gear out and gigging in the USA, they would not insure it at any price.

I'd be very interested if anyone has insight into this. How do you get gig insurance? Is it only for business, ie people who make a living at it or for part timers as well?
I've never bought insurance for gear before, but interested to hear what solutions you work out for yourself.
I've actually thought about this alot too and I rarely play out. Maybe this should be moved into a more general area???
I've used musicpro insurance for the past year. Fortunately haven't had any trouble but it's relatively affordable and seems to cover a lot of bases.

One thing to keep in mind is a lot of home owners/renter's insurance won't cover your gear if you potentially profit from it. So performing, releasing recordings, touring etc. would fall under business insurance for a lot of companies. I learned this the hard way, that's why I recommend musicpro. I would imagine video equipment would be covered.
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