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video sync generator working?
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Author video sync generator working?
I have been trying to send video into the Video Sync Generator and then display the Y (luma) out through the Color Encoder directly, or with the blending matrix as an intermediate step. Every time, regardless of what the source signal is the video signal is visible but quickly scrolls horizontally.

I am assuming that the solid external sync LED shows that the sync generator is successfully getting sync from the video.. but the Y signal that comes out scrolls... I assume there is a simple fix... or my sync generator isn't working properly...

Is anyone here familiar with this problem... lars?

sounds like a video sync issue. whats your video source? try running it through a TBC or if it has a genlock input, try that
I've replied to bcast_version's e-mail about this. It is indeed due to a defective Video Sync Generator module, which I'll be repairing for him (there is no sync lock occuring at all, which would stop the horizontal scroll.)

Another possibility here is that the video device in question is very far out of the expected sync range for NTSC/PAL signal standards. I've come across one cheap scan converter device that will not lock to the VSG for this reason. Another note is that tape-based playback devices like VCRs will probably need time base correction in order to create a stable sync frequency for the VSG to lock onto.

So in any case, if you're experiencing an issue like this, please contact me and we'll get the mistake corrected!
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