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Cwejman news?
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Author Cwejman news?
Has anyone heard of any developments with Cwejman? Their site hasn't been updated in about 6 months. Very curious about their joystick module since the Plan B one seems to be MIA. hmmm.....
as far as i was told end of february he's ok, but he has been very slow to come out with new modules and even re-stock of old modules the past half year.
he did some non synth related acquisitions recently and has a lot going on.
It is said that Wowa will be at the Musikmesse (fair) in Frankfurt. His HP just have been updated that is the pics of announced modules have been deleted.
I know he was vacatioing for a while and had other personal stuff going on. But yeah, new stuff/announcements have been slow to come out :(
Jari Jokinen
I hope he will make a 16-step sequencer some day.
Jari Jokinen wrote:
I hope he will make a 16-step sequencer some day.

You and me both! I'd buy it right now. Maybe the price factor keeps him from doing so, you know it wont be a cheap item.
ive got a very healthy cwejman collection now, I love his modules.

I do really hope that Wowa is going to continue producing his modules. I really do not like how the pictures of the upcoming modules have been taken down, it would be very sad if these were never to see the light of day.

The frequency crossover filter with the delay module would just be too immense for words. A full on spectral delay, with PH-4 increasing and decreasing each individual delay line.... that would really put the Wow in Wowa

Any one with a bit more info about the future of Cwejman?
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