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'Nother HEX ZONE Question.
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Author 'Nother HEX ZONE Question.
Kendall Station
Had my Hex for about 2 months and not sure if I'm an idiot but I've got an issue.

The manual says the step jacks are supposed to be input AND output. I can get it to work fine as a trigger sequencer inputing waveforms, etc... however, nothing seems to come out.

output from step 9 into the reset: nothing
output from step 3 into the gate: nothing

and down the line....

what exactly is supposed to come out of it? Is is busted?

The switch 'out' jack between 'gate' and 'cv2' is the one you want to patch into.
Feed it from the gate out, or the clock out of the Hex Zone.
The 16 jacks will now output that gate or clock(trigger) signal in the order that you sequence them.
Patch your kick drum into step 4, then program the Hex to output switch 4 on steps 4, 8, 12, & 16.

Does that answer your question about how to use the sequential switch as a gate/trigger sequencer?
Kendall Station
Yes very well thank you I was just confused about the switch out jack being I/O

thx again

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