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Subdecay Octasynth (VS) Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander
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Author Subdecay Octasynth (VS) Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander
I had a hell of a new pedal day this weekend and even more fun doing some demos for 2 very awesome pedals.
Big thanks to Prymaxe for a neat service and an awesome custom declaration… *g*

Since I am out of guitar synth style pedals from early this year I pulled the trigger on those two babys to see by myself if they are worth it…
Expectations are high being a former Mothership and Mini Ark owner.

First of all its not as easy to compare those 2 pedals cause the Bit Commander is more like an Octron (+ Sub Octave & medium gain fuzz) while the OctaSynth is more like a square/sin wave generator with a very very good envelope filter.

Both Pedals track very very well but both get a bit messy on the first 5 low notes of my dropped C string and somewhere around the 5th fret of the octave C (I am tuned to CGCFAD)
Tracking on the upper registers is a blast, you might notice that I cant stop playing the super fast chromatic Nintendo stuff… Never had a pedal before that could track such stuff this fast…

Here are 2 Standalone demos for both pedals, there is a dedicated VS (shootout clip) coming up later today and I am currently working on an OctaSynth into Bit Commander demo cause both pedals sound absolutely stunning while played into each other…

Here we go

Nice vids , prefer the sound of the Subdecay pedal , the Bit Commander too sounds rough and nasty for my taste .

Any chance u would do a reverb pedal shootout ? These videos are great for helping make slightly more informed decisions !
Agree with brickman. The Subdecay seems a bit easier on the ear. Bit Commander seems cool too. Love the videos. Keep em coming.
I prefer the Subdecay too, but I guess each would be useful in certain situations : )
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