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Where Do You Get Your Tape Loops?
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Author Where Do You Get Your Tape Loops?
I have a Korg SE-500 that is in need of a new loop. I recently tried one from an online dealer but the loop performs awfully. I know it's the loop because prior to installing it the SE-500 was working phenomenally, even with the old tape that was in there. I hesitate to name the dealer because they very well could be great guys and it's possible that my experience with their product does not sum up their complete past & present dealings.

However, I'd like to know if anyone knows a good source for loops? The other alternative is to buy the correct reel of tape and splice my own, which I'm more than willing to do. Problem is, I've heard that almost all reel to reel tape is like sandpaper to tape echo heads. Tape echos require "self lubricating" tape or something along those lines. If anyone can tell me the proper reel to buy that would be great. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

- John
i have about a 2km reel of double lubricated tape (as used in 8 track and radio cartridges and tape echos) which i bought many years ago for about a hundred dollars, as supplies were dwindling. i haven't seen another reel for sale since. i used to have an re-201, but when i sold it i kept the tape. i have the splicing tape too, but i was always really bad at making clean cuts. i'm keeping it in case i ever get a nice machine (like yours) again. i could send you a length if you like, but you'd have to splice it yourself.

i have heard many horror stories of the loops sold online not working very well.

here are the details of my tape, in case you want to buy a whole reel:

just looked, not much info basically. it's a 7 inch clear plastic reel, and the box just says "DYN 1001 X" and "0034"

ah... FOUND IT!

and shorter reel here: 2083

hope that helps!
NOS Multivox tape can be found online (ebay) and it works very well.
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