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double andore
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Author double andore
holy fuck this vca can get so nasty on this thing. fuck me. i was gonna sell this thing coz i am broke from buying some serge but fuck it is a keeper.

sounds really good! when you say the vca can get nasty...what do you mean exactly? wouldn't it be more of an interesting mod shape that would be getting nasty or is it that the vca itself somehow drives/overdrives in a special way? thanks for posting. fucking cool shit.
the vca overdrives in an awesome way. at 4 oclock it is nice and clean still on the vca but if you goto 5 oclock it distords and overdrives in a good way
governor blacksnake
Linear mode is very clean and is hard to distort. Expo mode is calibrated to distort when the big knob is all the way up- you can use the trimmer on the back to adjust for more or less.
oh i dont wanna make it not distort. I WANT IT TO BE THE WAY IT IS. ILIKE IT. as i was saying it is in that last 10% that it gets nice and dirty. great module. to bad i am to drunk to make a new vid. but i would.
Nice vid doc, what are you drinking and what serge did you get? Guinness ftw!
Fnord wrote:
Nice vid doc, what are you drinking and what serge did you get? Guinness ftw!

drinking some scotch

and i got a wad here and a tkb on the way also a heathfinnies east coast panel and a wave processor serge m class..
why you think i was selling some euro? lol the drugs cost cash .
That sounds phat thumbs up
I didn't think I wanted one of these until I saw your video.

That is one hell of a session. Kudos.
I just talked with SB some minutes ago and Carlo said that mine will be send out today MY ASS IS BLEEDING
It's peanut butter jelly time!
I bet trent will like this module
this module is alot of fun. and that patch was pretty simple. but the distortion overdrive i am talking about is on the bass drum you can see me tweeking the big know on the left side of the module distorting the bass and makeing it thick as hell. this and the hertz donut are best friends. and i have yet to try 95% of this thing out. i know i am not even scratching the surface. great addition to my modular.

and face it. you can never have enough vcas. in my case i have over 16 vcas lol
Damn I wish i wasn't in the process of moving so I could pull the trigger on this and my new case waah

Killer sounds SlayerBadger!
wonder how this compares to the Malekko Dual VCA's distortion?
nanners Wish we could see the patch!
I must say that I'm considering a double andore instead of a second maths, decisions decisions.
my Double Andore will come in september.
to bridge that gap somehow; more videos please?
distortion on that bass sounds fine to me: useful!
I´ll see if I can cook up some more lofi-vids this weekend... got my second DA, so I can do some quad-mayhem now.

Dead Banana
w00t w00t w00t

w00t w00t w00t w00t w00t
applause applause applause
It is supposed to go on your jacket, stupid. Get stitchin´! wink

Edit; is the cover up of the Maths symbolic?
Maybe a stupid question but is the double andore as flexible as the maths? Maybe it's flexible in it's own way but how close are the two (and how far)? smile
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