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New LZX Modules: Aug/Sep 2011
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Author New LZX Modules: Aug/Sep 2011
Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to let you know we have 3 new modules in production right now that will be for sale at Analogue Haven sometime this month or next (it's hard to predict, since in addition to building batches of these 3 new ones, we are also restocking batches of all 6 currently produced modules.)

New pages are up on the website with info about the new modules, including pricing:

Video Ramps
Triple Video Processor
Voltage Bridge

After we are done with this enormous restock/new batch we'll be planning to release about 2 more new modules per month for the rest of the year, including everything that was announced in April and some others we haven't announced yet.

Let me know if you have any questions!
-is this your way of dealing with the debt ceiling?

Awesome news Lars!
Cant wait to get a video ramps.
8_) can you share which 2 you will be releasing after those 3?
I'm not close enough to say yet, but I know the most requested modules are Audiovisualization Tools and Color Video Decoder & Frame Synchronizer, so those will definitely receive priority but I can't say whether or not they'll be the first ready (for say an October release). CVDFS hardware design is done and programming is underway, and AVT just needs some tweaks.

High up on my own list are also Color Video Interface (which may get renamed Triple Video Input) and Triple Video Multi-Filter, since these two represent features which I would consider as thoroughly augmenting "core functionality" of the system to a more complete range of analogue visual processing techniques.

Beyond that, there are several logic/divider/switch/sequencing/sample & hold type modules as well as a window key generator + amplitude classifier type module that's more or less done.

And don't forget the Sandin IP clones. These are with thru-hole parts, and will be available as full kits and assembled. The first two, which are both 4HP video processors (Function Generator and Differentiator) designs are ready to go and working great. These two modules are awesome teamed up with Triple Video Processor to add extra functionality, too.

So as you can see, just trying to take it a step at a time right now, and listening to you guys closely on what you want -- we got a late start on this current production run, since modules with Analogue Haven sold out before we could get started! But the good thing is with as awesome as the response has been, and ability of getting core modules restocked, we are at the number of users where we can feasibly release all of these new designs! I think there are over 40 LZX'ers with systems out there now, and this number will double by the time this current restock run sells out. So thanks so much for all the awesome community and support, it's gonna make it possible for us to keep dreaming up new designs and pushing the capabilities of this system forward. Personally I'm in love with this artistic technique and the technology behind it and can't wait to see where we all take it over the next few years.
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