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Line 6 Pod HD - Yay or Nay?
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Author Line 6 Pod HD - Yay or Nay?
i know it's the anathema of all that i stand for (i'm joking, i'm joking), but i am actually considering getting one of these new Line 6 Pod HDs (the desktop bum shaped one):

this video kinda sold me, as i was expecting all distorted nastiness, and yet most of the demo is devoted to etheral chorus and delays:

any thoughts or views? i'd mainly be using it for home solo practice through studio monitors and headphones, with possibly some recording.
Haven't used the HD, but I've used the XT. I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality that came out of it, especially for the money.

If I were going to be around my computer during solo practice, I might just opt for Amplitube or Guitar Rig.
yeah, i was kinda surprised at how nice it sounded (at least from the youtube demos).

no, i'm basically hoping to be able to use it all over the house, often times when i want to play guitar in the lounge etc, but don't want to be anywhere near the PC/modular/studio etc.
Heard really good things about these

I used one of the first line 6 amps when it came out and really liked it except for performance volume where it started sounding lousy....I bet for home recording theyre awesome however.
dont play guitar but still lusted after my son's POD XT

I've had a podxt for many years - since they came out I think. It's a really deep unit, and very flexible. It has been well worth the money I spent on it. For quite a few years I had a crap amp, and used the podxt as a front end for it, and it made it bearable. I've got some really nice amps now, but I'm still using the effects part of the pod on occasion.
thnaks for all the feedback. as soon as my daughter gets over her "streptococcal pharyngitis"/fever/rash i'll be off into town to grab one!
Line6 efx are really awesome and retro sounding imo.

Ive got 2 verbzillas and 2 echo pros and they will never leave here.

I used to have the Mod Pro and Filter Pro, but Ive upgraded those two to analog discrete units (elkorus/JH flanger/phaser/mf103/equinox etc)

Great bang for the buck!!
You know this is really interesting... like so much lately it slipped under my radar. Guess Im too caught up in modularland smile

Last week I tried a demo of Amplitube after a mate RAVED about it - I have Komplete 7 and mainly use Guitar Rig. I REALLY liked what I heard in the Amplitube demo & that youtube Pod HD review got me thinking...

I have a MicroSpider, Flextone III XL, UX2, Workbench, FBV Shortboard Mk.1 and Variax 700 so its safe to assume I liked the Line6 stuff I used. Ive not investigated anything in some time. I was blown away by some of the sounds in that demo and Im thinking of picking up a Pod HD to take the strain off the (aging) laptop! AFAIK my FBV will work with the HD - anyone know if it will also power the Variax?

Not a huge fan of line6monkey or the way the software works on Mac sometimes but this might be a nice recording/jamming front end - seems like Line6 stuff has taken a few steps up in quality sounds since I last looked!

The Pod HD is €410 in Thomann - I need my cousin to move back to Arizona so I can get stuff posted over very frustrating but thats an old pet peeve of mine smile

No real point to this post - just thanks for bringing this up - looks like a nice way to take some strain off my computer and if it works with my FBV and Variax a handy way to jam!
Holy Katana
An absolute yay. I love my HD500 to death. It's definitely a poor man's Axe-FX.

The only things I don't like about it are that there's no Orange amp model, and that I don't particularly like the sound of their Uni-Vibe, Leslie, or Space Echo emulations.

It's replaced my amp, since I don't have all that great of one (it's one of the older Vox Valvetronix models; not the ones that have the classic Vox look, but the first metal grille ones). Been looking at the Orange Tiny Terror, though.
still intend to pick this up, but gotta get the mastering studio sorted first! maybe buy myself one for xmas...

thanks for all the info so far!
Well with all my intentions of taking the strain off my Mac - I tried the ReValver demo...


Just Wow!

Imna buy a Mac mini just to run it! (when I win the lotto!)...

Interested to hear if anyone has used the Pod and ReValver - opinions, comparisons etc...
Holy Katana
I've heard great things about ReValver. I don't have it, though. I've got Amplitube, though, and while Amplitube has a much wider selection of amp models, they pale in comparison to my HD500's. Although Amplitube has a more robust cab simulator, with the ability to use two mics and place them anywhere, plus two room mics. The POD HD unfortunately only has off-axis mic placement for the SM57; everything else is dead center only, and you can only use one mic per cab.

I've heard it shines the best through impulse responses, but I still haven't gotten around to testing it after months of having the thing.

But I like the idea of being able to really go in and customize the amps, which is what sounds appealing about ReValver to me. Being able to change out tubes in an amp sim is just crazy awesome. I might have to check out the demo.
Has anyone used the POD HD with a bass?
Holy Katana
No, but I've heard some people on the Line 6 forums have tried it. Most either go without an amp model and just use the tube compressor and some EQ, or they dial in the Bassman carefully. I've also heard that someone got good results out of the Hiwatt model (which is one of my favorites on the unit).

There aren't any bass amps other than the Bassman (and really, after a couple of years, I'm pretty sure everyone, even Fender, stopped thinking of it as a bass amp anyway, since it's not all that great at it, but just happens to be fantastic on guitar).

I really hope they add more models with future firmware updates. In the last one, they added the Vibrato channels to the Twin Reverb and blackface Deluxe models, the Bright channel to the Bassman, and the Normal channels to the JTM-45 and Park 75 models, plus a "new" high-gain model that's really the Bogner Uberschall model from the original firmware (a lot of people complained when they changed its sound significantly in the first firmware update, so I guess they just decided it was worth giving back under a different name). So, technically, nothing new. I'm still holding out for an Orange model of some sort, as well as a Roland JC-120.

I don't think they'll ever put in any proper bass amps, unfortunately, and I have a feeling they'll never put in a tube mic pre model like they had on earlier PODs for recording vocals and acoustic guitar. But I'd like to think they'll add in more guitar amp models.
Will they be adding model packs like they did for the podxt? I've got the bass amp model pack for my podxt and it's got some seriously good bass amp emulations in it.
Holy Katana
sduck wrote:
Will they be adding model packs like they did for the podxt? I've got the bass amp model pack for my podxt and it's got some seriously good bass amp emulations in it.

Nobody outside of Line 6 knows. They never talk about what they have planned, unfortunately.
Still have my original Pod. Still makes sense to me after all these years, and isn't too bad considering the tech advances since it came out.

At the end of the day, I think you just have to like the features and the sounds.
I'm soooo grateful the Interwebs exist- you can research to your heart's content- it's virtual "try before you buy"!
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