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Video Router-- is this a useful device?
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Author Video Router-- is this a useful device?
I found this Audio/Video router in a local music store; I'm pretty sure it's fairly inexpensive, maybe $50.

It has 5 channels of audio routing (to 5 different locations) on the left, and 5 channels of video routing on the right.

Just wondering if this is a useful thing to have in terms of viedo processing and projecting/displaying.

I imagine this sort of thing may have been used in those typical 80s video wall art displays where they'd have a bunch of monitors stacked up.

Manual routers like that were often used in stores to switch sources for amps and monitors, or in editing suites to select from source players, or for selecting sources in preview monitors.

They are not usually glitch free.

They can be useful for routing several players to processing devices, or for routing sources to preview monitors or TBCs. They can be used to change the patch of a small number of devices. But they're typically not that useful for real-time processing.

If there's a small number of devices that you are constantly swapping the inputs or outputs on, then it might be useful.
Video switches (or "punch boxes" as I usually call them) similar to this are still sold in Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc (at least here in the states) and are typically used by individuals that have many different game consoles and want to route them to a single input on their TVs. Like Dave says, it may be a completely passive or just simple buffered device, and therefore not glitch free upon switching. This vintage device looks built in a much more heavy duty way than the currently available "punch boxes" however.
i found a radio shack one at at a thrift store. its nice because it doesnt require power, its very smooth transitioning between sources and handy for giving my video mixer another 4 sources if i need it
Buying a video matrix switcher has changed my life - Extron MAV, 12 in 8 out.
There's only so much a video mixer can do, and to patch together multiple stand alone devices the maxtrix switcher is almost a necessity.

If you do have a bunch of gear that is constantly being swapped around then it'll be useful... depends on your setup.
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