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IGOR, its alive! – Rainger FX – Dr. Freakenstein Fuzz
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Author IGOR, its alive! – Rainger FX – Dr. Freakenstein Fuzz
The Dr. Freakenstein Fuzz from Rainger FX has landed at my gear vault…
This Pedal is around for awhile now and I was curious about it ever since!
It moved from a plastic box (version 1) into a custom steel case with a true bypass switch to make it live & rehearsal friendly.
The knife switch sets the pedal to live / connects it to your power source or the internal 9V Battery, the pedal will then be turned on via the true bypass switch…

It’s a pretty complex pedal for such a few knobs, the OSC. Knob has a super wide range from octaves below to squealing high pitched harmonics.
The Hi/Lo button on the back will alter/change the character of the pitch and Fuzz frequencies.
- Lo provides a fat and synth like sub octave while the OSC. Sounds warmer compared to the Hi Setting
- Hi will treble up the LFO and OSC, making them super nasty and change the fuzz frequency into a “warmer” territory…
The Distortion/Fuzz is just set to 11 and this Pedal has a fixed noise gate built in to make all those sputtery sounds possible once you roll your volume knob back or have dead silence between the notes… The distortion is very extreme and somewhere near bitcrusher territory to my ears…!

If all of this wont be crazy enough there is a Mod switch to kick in the LFO (sweep through the full OSC. Range). The Rate knob can be set to fast (not ring mod fast but still fast) and very slow…

Still not enough?

Okay, then there is this tiny thing called IGOR which comes with the Pedal.
It’s a stamp sized expression pedal that can control either the Mix of the LFO bleeding through or the amount of oscillation leaking into your playing…

I ended up doing 2 clips for this wonderful pedal since the first one (with the ESP) tempts to sound a bit harsh on the top end somewhere along the middle of the demo and I also missed the octave down part so I did a second clip with my PRS that sounds a bit warmer compared to the ESP and here I am also showing off the synth style octave down stuff…

Enjoy the clips and have a nice ride:

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