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NOS tubes/valves....your pick/thoughts
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Author NOS tubes/valves....your pick/thoughts
Just picked up a silverface champ here on muffs, so my passion for all things thermionic has been rekindled, so I got an RCA 6V6 blackplate and a Amperex bugle boy on ebay, it,s insane what people are asking for some of the preamp valves, up to $350 for a single mullard 12ax7. So what are your thoughts and favorites? I know, horses for courses. And what about valve rectifiers?
ugh. I'm completely unwilling to pay what 12ax7s are going for these days, i think it's absolutely insane. If i didn't have a couple nos tubes laying around i'd just buy the current sovtek tung-sol reissues, which IMHO sound pretty damn good, at least in hi-fi stuff.

Having ranted all that, i love the old tung sol 6v6s, and for other stuff (microphones), i've had great luck with old valvo ef86, or telefunkens, the amperex 6084 is amazing too.

Were you asking about anything in particular? Tubes and ears are all different anyhow, which i'm sure you're aware of...
Yes I should have been more specific. Any champ owners (silverface) got a favourite set of valves?
As far as tubes go I find that sweating about getting the best old vintage stuff is a fools errand. Paying more than 25$ or so for a tube just doesn't make sense to me.

Check out - and get what you need to make the amp work - not the cheapest stuff, but midrange stuff, and you should be good to go. They sell packages specifically for champs - get the premium set, it's fairly inexpensive. Then use that as a baseline to compare any nos tubes you happen to pick up along the line. IMHO with a champ you're going to get more mileage out of upgrading the transformers and speakers than sinking a mint in nos tubes that may not actually be any better than new stuff.
Seriously, if you need to spend $350 for a tube, I'd seriously consider getting guitar lessons.
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