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recording live shows
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Author recording live shows
i just ran a quick test of my dumpster-dive win, a HDD/DVD recorder.

i messed up the settings and so the quality is some weird divx 640x480 effort but the sound seems ok (i was running a 303 setup from my modular, just saw and filter really)

my question is:

how do you record multiple outputs when shows have screens with different stuff?

an entire separate few hrs of vid for each screen? then edit the best bit to one recording?

i would hate to miss stuff but i want more than one independent screen...
get a few of these pinnacle mp4 capture devices all you need is a usb stick

and there tiny!
There are some consumer grade DVRs meant for recording surveillance cameras that have multiple inputs (usually 4 or 8) for recording simultaneous input channels. You'd want to be careful about getting one that recorded in quality that was acceptable to you. These often don't play back to 4 outputs at the same time, though (may not be an issue if you're just importing the footage for editing.)

Multiple simultaneous captures with identical devices like snufkin suggests is a good idea too.

so you end up with a whole collection of hours long recordings for each performance?
PhineasFreak wrote:
so you end up with a whole collection of hours long recordings for each performance?

Your choices are basically multiple channels of recordings, or one wide angle camera capturing the whole space (but not getting a lot of detail), or split screen capturing with multiple small images on one recording (which reduces the quality of each one).
it's a new world to me - i never had multiple independent outputs before - it's like trying to store the sets from different rooms in a club all at once!
Recording gigs is something of interest to me but haven't looked in to yet...
Since I'm already using cameras and pull an audio feed from the PA, recording it all makes sense.

I'd want 2 cameras (crowd and performance) and then the visuals alone to be recorded. That's 3 streams, plus audio.
How many USB capture devices could you expect a decent laptop to cope with?

Editing it might be a little tedious but it's great promotion for everyone involved.
despite having not done this type of shooting in a long time, I look at things from a tradtional perspective.

Live television recording was done often with a three camera setup to capture the different angles. Live music is done with multiple feeds into a mixer and or recorder.

With today's computer speed it doesn't make sense not to do the same type of set up even if that means importing multiple feeds from different pieces of hardware. You and your client or audience will appreciate the outcome way more then the effort it will take to transfer those files.
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