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PAiA 9720 VCO?
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Author PAiA 9720 VCO?
Giving this thing a full workout/troubleshoot this weekend and wondering what other users think of it? I've found some problems I'm working on so I'm curious if there are any other users out there with some insight and experience with this dual oscillator/modulator?
I've built one facing no probs. However, after I've soldered all components I left the project and did the wiring on a very relaxed sunday. Otherwise all those flying wires would have driven me totally nuts. zombie

I intended to use it the 9720 as a complex modulation source but end up using it quite often as my main oscillator. I like it's sound and it drives my Mini Waves well. It's motherfucking bacon yo
the flying wires are such a hassle on that vco
mine died from a careless short and i was really dreading going back in there but thankfully a friend of mine was getting rid of his for extremely cheap so i just did that to save time
i have 2 blacet vcos a mankato and a diy guy i got from fluxmonkey but the paia vco remains my favorite
vmgas wrote:
i have 2 blacet vcos a mankato and a diy guy i got from fluxmonkey but the paia vco remains my favorite

Care to elaborate?
for one there are 7 audio signals you can send out, 8 if you want to count the a/r
when you switch to lfo it sounds all fucked and weird
it's really unique to me and you patch the shit out of it
it always ends up being my main vco in every patch i make
maybe it's that it sounds all raw to me or something
just more character i think than say the blacet vco
mine are pretty whacked, tuning wise. Id love to know if a 15v PS would make a difference, I think its a 12v supply on there? Can someone identify the key trim points for tuning them? I have the paperwork but not sure where my reading glasses are wink I have been hoping to hear some info about this odd pair of VCO's!
the paia's vco runs off 18v actually
vmgas wrote:
the paia's vco runs off 18v actually

it must be a 15v ps that it has, i'll have to look at it.
Yes, it runs on +/-18V. However there's tiny mode to adapt to +/-15V.
I have a really hefty bi-polar 15V regulated power supply. Can I use it with 97xx modules?

You sure can. You may need to change connectors to ones compatible with the supply you're using. For example, if using a Blacet Research PS-CONN distribution board you will probably want to get some .156 connector housings and pins from Blacet. When using +/-15V regulated supplies always short out isolating resistors R1 and R2 on the 97xx board. Be very careful not to interchange (G) and (sg) on any 97xx modules as this corruption of the module's Star Ground system will guarantee "noise". If the power supply has only a single ground, run separate wires from the (G) and (sg) of each 97xx module back to this single ground
Oh my god.

Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I've been wondering for years why my 9700s modules were acting funny (vco bleed into cv, envelope bleed into cv, narrow cutoff range before screaming feedback). I assumed that my nice regulated 15v supply was enough for the 12v regulators and I had somehow never noticed that faq remark about shorting the resistors. I just did it and
I'm so happy to suddenly have stable oscillators and filters after so long!

Posting this in hopes that it might help someone else with a wonky PAiA.
For the first generation PAIA 9700 system i.e. "the package deal" PAIA supplies a 12 volt AC wall wart, which is rectified to unregulated 18 volts DC on the midi module and then daisy chained to the other modules, and dropped to 12 volts by each module's on-board voltage regulators. Alternatively, the first generation modules can run on regulated 15 volts by shorting the power supply input coupling resistors.

The second generation PAIA modules run on 15 volts DC.

[All power is bipolar of course]

I've just recently finished building the PAiA 9700 and I am seeing strange beviour from both VCOs. wherein the amplitude will lower for a split second randomly anyone else notice similar behaviour?
Stog wrote:
wherein the amplitude will lower for a split second randomly anyone else notice similar behaviour?

Nope. Maybe your system draws too much power from your psu?
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
When I was 10 or 11 in 1974 or so, I would drool over the PAiA catalog and think, "If I could only afford a 2700, I'd have a Minimoog equivalent and I could become Rick Wakeman." I asked my parents for one every Christmas for about five years. They never obliged, so I never became Rick Wakeman.
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