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Looking for a loop pedal
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Author Looking for a loop pedal
I am thinking about selling my timefactor for a dedicated looping pedal. I want at least 2 phrases to build a track from, so I know that limits the choices a bit.

The whole idea is to avoid taking the laptop out, and keep a very minimal setup. A mic, a couple effects and a loop pedal. But if I can't figure out something I like, I will fall back on the ableton/laptop setup.

What do you guys suggest, in your experience?
I have limited exposure but strong opinions.

The Roland/Boss stuff is complete asschunks. They made it too complex, the UI sucks, you can't accomplish some major functions with your feet, I hated every second of test driving it.

The new pedal sized JamMan is similarly borked on the UI front. I just don't think you can do a good looper in a small pedal.

I had a Line 6 DL-4 for a while, it is a primitive looper but for loop-one and play one style noodling it did the job, plus the loop function also has one of the delays, so that makes up a little for the size. Has half-speed and reverse options assigned to the footswitches, easy enough to wipe what you have and start over, good pedal. But I sold that to get:

The EHX 2880. Dead simple interface, 4 tracks with pan and level, half speed and reverse functions, great external controller pedal. Sounds great. SAves WAVs to a CF card that you can dump into your DAW. Only handles one 4-track song at a time, but in this sense it is very much in the modular mindset. One patch, one loop, save it, dump it to the DAW, tear down and start again. I have been really happy with it, BUT I must mention that when I synced it to midi it seemed stuck on a 2 bar midi-clocked loop. This may be configurable but I didn't sort it out yet. So for longer loops you either solve that or free-time it with your foot and hope for the best.

I have seen other people do positively amazing things with an original series Boomerang and also with a Lexicon JamMan, the 1U rack unit (plus a midi pedalboard). So apparently they both work just fine for serious loopers.

People seem to love the Looperlative. Seen one, never played it.

That's what I know.
i've always liked the Oberheim/Gibson Echoplex, really deep looping tool & w/ the floor controller you can handle all your looping/textural needs w/ your feet.

the DL-4 is super useful, but yes primitive...easy to use.

i agree wholeheartedly w/ plord about the boss/roland gear & the pedal jamman. i've only heard good things regarding the lexicon version.

never owned a boomerang, but loved the times i've used it.

another favorite, but not for everyone is the elextro-harmonix 16 second delay. i love it, but the four second wait before recording is annoying. the cutting & phasing of the recordings compensates this annoyance though. & it'll remember all four minutes recorded when turned off.

i also really like the pds-8000, it's only 8 seconds, but it was always really useful to me. i have two of them.

for what you seem to be after i think an echoplex or boomerang might suit you.

hope this helps
Just me
The Oberheim and my El Capistan are all I've ever used. The El Cap is one loop only. The Oberheim is really cool. (Borrowed one for a couple days, so I didn't really dive in too deep to all it's capabilities.)
Thanks guys!
The EHX 2880 looks like a great pedal. That might be it.

Oberheim/Gibson Echoplex looks very interesting, but I might have trouble finding one available.

The El Cap is actually what got me thinking about looping live. So, yeah it is great, but I want that extra sync'd up phrase to work with.
I seriously don't understand why everyone doesn't have a Rang III. seriously, i just don't get it Up to 4 loops at once either synced or unsynced, plus you've got the bonus switches for reverse, octave, stack, erase, copy, etc... The only way you're gonna find something better is to go rack or software.

I'm also a big fan of the 2880 and I think some of its "limitations" can actually be really useful, but nothing touches the Rang IMO.
Boomerang III seems very straight forward/nice workflow...but who designed that panel layout? zombie
My friend has the big Boss one and gets amazing stuff out of it, his 2 pc improv band uses it as the main thing to build their songs live.
I can't understand it to save my life, I'm of the "needlessly complex" opinion. But he does wonders with it.

The Electrix Repeater is really fun. I only ever used mine from the front panel but apparently it's easy to use with a midi pedalboard like the Behringer one.
It also has the best tap tempo feature I've ever used... nothing fancy about it other than it works really well.
I've had a boomerang, the original kind, not a 2 or 3 or 4, for nearly forever. I've had the firmware updated so it's actually a 2 or 3 version with the original button layout, which makes things kind of mysterious. It seems fairly bulletproof, gets a great sound, can be fun for hours. Record some weird shit, turn it off. Come back in a few weeks, turn it back on, the same stuff is still in there. I like to find non-obvious uses for the thing, which it's pretty good at - it's got a lot of settings that can be changed to less-than-normal settings.
Paranormal Patroler
The old version of the Jamman pedal is pretty straightforward. I don't see what the problem is with the UI. hmmm.....
Oh, I forgot to post this link - - lots of good info there
I ended up getting the EHX 2880.
I could pick on a couple of its limitations, but I won't since it is so useful as it is. It is so simple, I didn't even open the manual. But the big plus for me is the built in mixer/feedback control. It really adds that extra control I was looking for.
itijik wrote:
Boomerang III seems very straight forward/nice workflow...but who designed that panel layout? zombie

Ha ha, yes - switchpads sometimes are too close for my boot smile. Otherwise - no regrets - Boomerang is good .
Yeah, I wish the 2880 could do uneven loop lengths like I believe the boomerang can, but its ok.
I am trying some tricks using the timefactor's looper, then re-capturing the results in the 2880. This is a lot of fun!
Roland just heard that I bought an RC-50 off of eBay, so they announced the RC-300. very frustrating
I agree that the one to have is the oberheim / gibson - they seem to be pretty hard to find tho...

I don't agree about the boss - I only sold the one I had (the big one) because it wouldn't follow midi and retain sync - it was happy only when it was the master. I suppose it depends on what functions you are needing. I wanted it to be slaved to my MPC 2500 and it would but it would eventually drift out of sync. My needs would not tolerate it being master.

I saw this guy on eBay who did a JamMan mod which looked pretty kooky - maybe worth looking into. and-17-min-53-sec-loop-time-/180696566108?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=i tem2a125ac95c

I used a JamMan live for years back when there was a choice of 1 and was always a fan - simple, limited, and now pretty cheap.
You forgot the Looperlative LP-1.
Starr-ee-oh. I've had a few but I prefer
the EDP. Any long delay with 100% return
should be adequate. Afa rack gear there is
the TC Electronic D- two with variable taps
like one of them Digitech pedals- can't
remember the model though :(
People are starting to sell their 2290's yet?
Loopers delight best place for info since the 20th century!
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