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Plague Bearer alone
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Author Plague Bearer alone
Apologies for the cross-post but I thought I'd put a marker down in this forum to the thread going on in the Eurorack forum about what you can do with One module - self patched

Turns out that, when the module is a Plague Bearer, the answer is quite a lot.

So there is a link in that thread to THIS demo of a PB on its own in feedback mode.

And doing that led me on to a more structured piece featuring the lone Plague Bearer, augmented with an Eventide PitchFactor and Space reverb.

Which got posted HERE

We shall now return you to your normal programme.

Oh, and we're not worthy Flight Of Harmony

I honestly cannot think of any other module that gives up this range of colours for the size and the price. Utterly astonishing.
Umcorps, you did an amazing job with this module! Everyone should check it out! thumbs up we're not worthy
Cheers John!

And belated happy birthday Guinness ftw!
Here's links to a couple of recordings that I did with just a dual PB going thru a Blacet Time Machine:
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