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Land of Lurches
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Author Land of Lurches
OMG how was this made....!!

I've been doing some research, putting the old brain on the rack, and checking out this picture:

But something doesn't quite add up...obviously tons of layers, processing, etc. and some suggestion of vocoding...but the rack above has nothing that would lead me to think that's whats going on.
Also kFW decribes "kevin’s trademark doepfer comparator/slew chop" which brings me back to vocoder land...where I can't get past "california love".

Any ideas on this behemoth?
i remember reading an old review in which he said that the album uses his doepfer rig (possibly including some of the vocoder modules) and that the "vocalizations" in the first track are actually a guitar.

no amount of staring at his equipment has helped me decode his process. he's just good.
Kevin has gone through several Euro rigs and has always complemented things with pedals and effects. I do not know specifically what was used to make the record but it may have included some modular but computer fuckery as well. He doesn't play that often and but when he has in the past couple years it has been modular free.
Well I guess I'll just have to do a little stage lurking when he plays at the SFEMF in a couple weeks....

And yeah..he is just damn good... we're not worthy
well thanks all for a little repreive from very frustrating
zanadar wrote:
Well I guess I'll just have to do a little stage lurking when he plays at the SFEMF in a couple weeks....

I'd be surprised if there is any modular gear. A band mate of mine has done some custom work for him so you'll see several boxes.
Not sure what the processing is, but the source sound is Greg Kelly's voice.

I can't remember if it was Greg or Kevin that told me that..
unintentional states
Pitchfork: You have a new record coming out now on Hanson, right? I heard it had vocals on it.

Kevin: Sure do. I'll try and give you a blow-by-blow:

It starts with a crescendo of bassy, white noise vocoding then simmers down, and then cuts to some growling guitar loops (they are guitar sounds even though they sound like voice). And then the record moves on to a barrage of fudge, and eventually some echoey goop. And that's just side one! Side two is all voice, recorded into a synthesizer, which I goofed around with in post-production. There's gonna be a bonus track on the CD: a murky 10 minute-plus wash of gurgling sci-fi bubbles. It's my favorite track of the three. So really only side two (of the LP) has vocals. The title is inspired by a water tower in the town where I grew up. It has a picture of praying hands and underneath it says "Land of Churches." A friend of mine once wanted to climb up it and change it to "Land of Lurches." And there you go.
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