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Sonnet - featuring a CV-controllable tetrazzi, chaquo, z-dsp
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Author Sonnet - featuring a CV-controllable tetrazzi, chaquo, z-dsp

Please check my new track - Sonnet:

I recently implemented a physical contraption that I deliberately named E.U.R.A.Z.Z.I. – a CV controllable eurorack conversion of ciat-lonbarde’s tetrazzi organus. E.U.R.A.Z.Z.I. was instrumental on interpreting my 2003 graphic score and composition entitled “Sonnet”. This composition is based on the juxtaposition of, (i) numerological findings and (ii) musicality features, both systematically extracted from the poem “Sonnet” by Federico Garcia Llorca:

I have uploaded DIY instructions for the E.U.R.A.Z.Z.I. at the DIY subforum at:

now let the poetry be ...

Federico Garcia Lorca - Sonnet

I know that my profile will be serene
in the north of an unreflecting sky.
Mercury of vigil, chaste mirror
to break the pulse of my style.

For if ivy and the cool of linen
are the norm of the body I leave behind,
my profile in the sand will be the old
unblushing silence of a crocodile.

And though my tongue of frozen doves
will never taste of flame,
only of empty broom,

I'll be a free sign of oppressed norms
on the neck of the stiff branch
and in an ache of dahlias without end.

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