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Dubstep vs. Devi Ever
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Author Dubstep vs. Devi Ever
rico loverde
Devi Ever is making a dubstep pedal. Video seems to be unsupported. Link is below: tar-pedal
great pedal idea which should arrive just as dubstep finally goes out of fashion.I guess it could be used for ' half beat acid garage ' or ' supertech ' , hero trance or one of the new bullshite genres.Do i sound cynical ?
Didn't "Dubstep" as a genre go out of fashion when everyone got stuck endlessly churning out half-rate ripoffs of Coki - Spongebob circa 2007?

That said the pedal looks like it could be really interesting, but I'm extremely wary of anything using the D-word.
M. Rishi
Looks like someone's cashing in.. hihi
Tall Midget
Funding Unsuccessful, that's too bad. Does anybody know that Dubstep song that goes DEEEEEEEWWW, WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WE WE WUB WUB, DEEEEEEEEWWWWW WAH WAH WAH WUB WUB, de ne ne ne ne ne ne?
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