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TS-413C/U RF Signal Generator
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Author TS-413C/U RF Signal Generator

Well, add this one to the list of crazy shit you can hook up to your modular video synth wink

This one's kind of awesome because you can modulate the RF oscillator with a signal from 50hz-15khz. Has variable modulation amount.

It generates a 75khz - 40mhz baseband signal. There's an amplitude knob to vary it between 0-1v RMS out. So, not quite where we'd want to be for an LZX system - but it does work! And quite well.

And there's something kind of kickass about synthesizing video with tube equipment smile
When the Experimental Television Center was in it's early days we had a bunch of government surplus tube oscillators. I still remember the sound of the out of balance fan blades they had to cool the vacuum tubes.

And our giant tube oscilloscope used to blow warm air on me in the winter (and summer).
Wow!!! Videos please!

Dave, that must have been a very exciting time.

While we're on the topic, is anyone familiar with other interesting military/government surplus video equipment?
snufkin tml
Yeah, I'll record some stuff when I get it hooked back up. It's sitting in piles atm.

But it's pretty much what you'd expect - this could be duplicated by a patch:

Sine wave out from video oscillator into fader input A on TVF, bias at 0% and audio input at the CV in of that channel. use whatever CV amount to vary from 0-50% amplitude modulation. Another sine oscillator at 400 or 1000hz at that input would reproduce the fixed freq. modulation settings.

In "xtal" mode the heterodyne output has a signal on it, but I haven't gotten anything useful out of it yet. Don't fully understand how that's supposed to be utilized.

I'm about to make some mods. I'm going to increase the modulation amount and hopefully the output level. There are a lot of high-wattage resistors in there. Maybe I've got the right ones on hand.
Remember that this device goes way beyond the frequencies that you can see in video. It was probably used for testing and calibrating short wave radios.

Heterodyne is a frequency shifting technique invented in the early days of radio broadcasting to simplify the design of radio receivers. Two frequencies are combined and the output is the sum and difference of the two In a transmitter the lower one is filtered out and in a receiver the upper one is filtered out.

I would guess this emulates a transmitter, so the signal created by the generator is combined with a crystal oscillator and the result is that the modulated oscillator is shifted up in frequency, probably into RF radio frequencies. There's no way you would see those as video if that's true. Though you might hear it on an AM or shortwave radio.
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