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Ribbon Controller
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Author Ribbon Controller
It's been kinda wet and miserable outside for the last few days, we even had a bit of snow again, so I've been down in the basement working on my ribbon controller, I sent out and had some prototype boards made up, and put this one together to test it out, everything worked fine, except for the "width" adjustment, I checked my layout and found I had missed one trace, so I soldered a jumper wire on the bottom, and now it works fine.
The circuit was actually designed for a keyboard, but when I bread boarded it, I found it worked just as well with the softpots.
For the ribbon, I didn't really need the Width trimmer or the Range switch, so I just put jumpers on them. There are two "ribbons" (20" softpots) one for CV and one for Gate, the controller outputs CV, Gate and Trigger

The first thing to do after assembling the PCB, was to cut the housing, I used 2- 1x4's, I hollowed out one end on the table saw, to house the PCB, then cut a slot in the top board, for the Softpot assembly.
The next step was to mount the Softpots to a piece of melamine cut to fit the slot in the top board, i used melamine because it has a smooth surface to stick the Softpots to, and it is more stable than the pine 1x4's.
I mounted it to the bottom board, ant put the two together to check the fit.
next i cut a piece of aluminum for the end cap, to mount the jacks and power connector to.
Here's the finished unit, now I just have to stain and varnish it, stretch a covering over the Softpots, and wire up the jacks, so hopefully, I'll be able to try it out this weekend.
There we go, finished, tested, and working like a charm.
wow!! missed this one.
glad i came across it.


what did you use for the material over top of the softpots???
I just used some cotton/polyester material for now, it works quite well, but I don't know how durable it will be over the long run.
I'm looking at some woven steel material, and the Glass Teflon tape that the original Moog units used, but they are both quite pricey.

thanx for the info.
i had know idea what Moog used.
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