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Best of CGS?
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Are you interested in a panel for 110 euros?
 71%  [ 37 ]
 28%  [ 15 ]
Total Votes : 52

Author Best of CGS?

Please see this webpage for more info!

I intend to make these panels.

Just received the price for the silk screening!

The price will be 110 euros for one panel. Plus shipping.

As for a first run I'll be making 10 VCO panels.

And if it all goes well I'll make 10 of the sequencer panel.

Also, if you look on the panel - all pots attached to a CV input have attenuverting function. I've done a small board that can be soldered to the pot. These boards will be included in the price. I just need to do a new run of the boards, since mine are adapted for Alps RK097 pots - and I figure the most people uses Alpha.

Now I need to triple check the design.


In the banana pictures thread there's a brief discussion of doing Serge style CGS panels. Either as a group buy, depends on if I can find a place that can mill and silkscreen the panels, or I can just supply the original images and you can do it all by yourself. It all depends on alot of stuff smile

But anyway - what's your opinion of the modular selection?


Here's the current VCO panel

That is really lovely! we're not worthy It's peanut butter jelly time! we're not worthy
Yes, nice work! Good module selection.

I'd love to have something like a 281 clone as well.. But I don't know if he's gonna make another run. Plus it's better if it's all just CGS modules. It's a shame there is no CGS envelope... yet... smile
zthee wrote:
It's a shame there is no CGS envelope... yet... smile

...put a gate signal through that lag processor for an ASR. wink
carbon111 wrote:
...put a gate signal through that lag processor for an ASR. wink

That's why it's there Mr. Green
really awesome!!! eek! eek! we're not worthy we're not worthy
Looks really really good!
I'm totally missing the Master Divider in all of this... but perhaps too jack-heavy?
If you use the pulse divider and logic modules you could probably build something close to the Master Divider. - the best would actually be a SR latch - You could trigger it on 3 and reset it on 7 - getting strange gate patterns! But using the sequencer + the logic you could probably do the same.. wink

The Master Divider would eat up the same size as the gated comparator. Or if you could settle with just using half the outputs (I.e. using the 0° and 180° outputs) then it would be just 1 row... But between that and the VCD or the digital noise - I'd choose the other two..
shame you cant include the vcs

nice panel there
if i didnt already have panels for most of them to go into my modular already i woud so jump on the serge-clone bandwagon confused
Yeah, a VCS in the first panel would rock so hard!
It's a shame.. but you can't have it all
The only thing it might miss is a "real" filter.. Perhapps the CGS35 instead of the CGS38... or the ASR..
It's very cool in a lot of ways but I think it's a mistake to go to all that trouble and have everything stuck to one panel. Make separate modules.

I really love this idea; I've been wanting to create some Serge clone panels (after finishing the Buchla 200 clones I've been long working on), and especially so after seeing your recent CGS shop panel.

I'm curious, what CGS circuit is the "wave shaper" with up and down outs?

The only thing that would impede me from being able to use your fine panel layouts-- and I would much rather have these great designs available than start from scratch myself-- is the commitment to building all of the circuits in each shop panel. What if it were possible to re-arrange and/or substitute different modules from your various shop panel designs? Or if they could be broken up into smaller function blocks, like M-Panel blocks, allowing one to mix and match according to their own builds? I suppose this would complicate a group printing, however. Maybe not if they were screened in sections. Is this a reasonable idea?
The wave shaper is CGS38.

M-Panels would be nice. But I could see this project going 2 ways. One is for the people who like the idea of having these two specific panels, in this condition (i.e not seperate moduels) made. And the other is for the people who wants Serge style CGS modules, but want to reconfigure and move around modules to thier liking! (Or even make seperate modules if they want that!).

I'm totally willing to share my work if someone wants to make something out of it. Be it ready panels or just .TIF files. It don't matter to me. As long as I can contribute to more modules being built and more music being made!
totally awesome! i'm ok w/ the traditional serge "shop panel" approach, and these seem like a "voice" and a "controller", killer combo.

personally, i would like to have a dual LFO... i'm always needing clock signals (for the ASR, Gated Comparator, and Sequencer on your panels, for instance). i'd be willing to lose the bi-n-tic. and maybe a steiner filter instead of the waveshaper, to make up for losing the filter?? but everyone would have their personal preferences... in fact, you can't hardly go wrong with any selection of CGS designs.

if you were considering some kind of group buy, i would be absolutely in for that, no matter what the individual modules, and completely in your debt. i've been trying to figure that out for years!

These look great!
love we're not worthy

Great combo of modules. Maybe 'Best of (Serge-esque) CGS' wink

Its a great layout of some of Kens most interesting designs!
it would be fun to extend the analog computer idea and add all the logic and math ones like pulse dividers, modulo magic, diatonic converter, cascase mixer and logic.
Luka, Yeah! But that would have to be an entirely different panel smile

I've had my eyes on the modulo magic for quite a while. I really really want to build one. Gonna have to do it in the future.
Reese P. Dubin
Yeah really stunning looking panels I would say. I have been building in pseudo-serge style for awhile now. The only thing that seems odd to me, and it seems to follow serge completely, is outputs at the top. I cant get my head around why it was done this way, to me it is totally backwards in say an osc to have the inputs and freq controls at the bottom, with outs at the top. I am sure I could get used to it, but I have always thought out my panels with the controls cascading downwards like water would flow...inputs at top, fundamental controls next, followed by CV inputs and controls, ending with outputs. But then I do not use any panel labelling at this time, so long as everything follows this method I am fine without.

How are you having these panels made? They look fanatastic.
I am in for both panels.
Someone should have these made!

we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy
the pulse divider/logic is a no brainer. definitely stick with that. it absolutely kills for drum patterns!!

A VCS could be included if there was enough demand. Board price would be higher than regular CGS boards, because a royalty would be paid to Serge for these. Permission has been obtained from Serge to do this.
Of course I'd need to lay out a board that is a little more suitable to this format smile
I think there would be more than enough demand for a vcs! I also don't think anybody would mind a few extra dollars for royalties...
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