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How to mount a Doepfer Quantiser in a Moog frame
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Author How to mount a Doepfer Quantiser in a Moog frame
kind of.

i took a Doepfer blank and cut it in two with the notcher (i don't have a shear) and punched a couple holes, and then sanded and washed them. then i screwed it all together. IMHO it looks alot better than the cable ties i used for AHMW:

Pretty cool. hihi

But, I think if I had the stuff around that you do I would mount it to one of your multiple panels. (or a blank) Just take out the top 8 jacks, place the Doepher panel as high as it will go, drill the needed holes in the multiples panel, slap the Doepher faceplate to the front of the multiples panel, bolt it all together and then add any more 1/4" jacks that will fit at the bottom and parallel wire them to your most used Doepher jacks.
dude, i didn't want to go to all that effort.

one way or another, there will be an american-made quantiser in moog format this year. i want to sell this this as soon as i don't need it.
Just wondering . . . would there be a market for a MU panel that had a big square hole at the top that you could bolt any eurorack module that is that is that width into it and with a bunch of unlabled 1/4" jacks at the bottom? It doesn't interest me particularly but there might be enough peeps out there who want to integrate eurorack stuff into their MU systems??
How about this idea from Curetronic? I saw this at Musik Messe:
yeah, it's kinda expensive though... imo, at least.
trust me: it's way easier to gank it in there and buy some crappy 12V wallwart and some adapter cables.
Kent wrote:
How about this idea from Curetronic? I saw this at Musik Messe:

i *knew* i'd seen something like that recently but could i remember where? no. meh
thank you Kent for putting me out of my brain addled misery.
No problemo, SandyB.

For some, this solution would be way easier than sourcing a power supply and hatchet-jobbing a panel in there. It's also good for the inner Neat Freak.

I'll most likely never own one since I don't roll that way.
can you give specifics on the 12v power supply needed to power this? i don't know anything about Euro.
i'm using Mouser part number 680-WM063-1950-D5 and one of my own distribution boards.
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