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Video Op-Amps
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Author Video Op-Amps
I'm wondering which are some of the better op-amps out there for video. Right now I'm comparing the LM6172 and the AD8072, they have the same bandwidth but the former is a voltage feedback op-amp and the latter is current feedback. Are both types useful for video in different applications?

I also read elsewhere that there's better selection in the SMT variety, so I would be interested in hearing what some of the better ones are in either DIP or SMT.
There have been a few threads on this, here is one:
Voltage feedback and current feedback are both useful in video. They have different advantages and disadvantages. In some circuits they can work the same, but in other cases there are distinct advantages to each.

Without getting too technical, a voltage feedback amp is generally easier to design with and is more stable in a wide range of circuit designs. Current feedback circuits can get unstable in certain configurations, but can pass higher frequencies in other configurations. On the other hand, voltage feedback amps are now available with very high bandwidth and that reduces the number of places where a current feedback amp is needed.

Unless you really study how to use current feedback amps, you'll probably have better results sticking to voltage feedback amps.
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