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Eventide Space Euro - Video Posted -
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Author Eventide Space Euro - Video Posted -


Figured I might as well start a new thread for this. I will be posting more info to this thread with more details and a vid. Here are a couple of detailed pics in the meantime. The power consumption is just below 600mA. The conversion is considerable. You need to replace all of the pots with proper metal shaft type and you need to cut the power traces to all of them. Also have to desolder all of the jacks and the two DPDT switches. Even with a proper desoldering gun, figure it will take at least a day to do this and the jacks were especially nasty and demanded special attention. Powdercoated and two color epoxy print panel. I used car tint on thin Lexan to custom make the led segment cover. Lots of trimmers to adjust the voltage reference for each pot. More detailed info on that later. If I can figure out if the other models in this line, namely the pitch factor and time factor, are the same I will consider doing a very small run of these thumbs up




Incredible work of art. My jaw has literally dropped.





I sent this to my guy at Eventide. Hopefully this will push them to get into Euro stuff. I have been pushing them for almost 2 years now. The new delay prototype is a start, but this might really make them consider doing it.

Amazing work.



Thanks Bazz,

Would save me a lot of desoldering work hihi
Hopefully they can at least consider other prototypes.
Space is my favorite and modulating its parameters is a dream come true for me. I imagine it would be for others too. Especially since I have seen it in so many synth vids over the years.


Incredible work. Like many other I have a space and cannot begin to imagine it being cv'd... Bravo !


if eventide read this thread, I think it should take some power for the display and maybe some of the digital processors on the -12v rail. then take all the headroom you can get with dual supply +/-12v for all the audio path and dc coupled cv opamps. the cv inputs need to work in the 0v to +5v range but accept anything +/-12v with clipping but no damage.


Yes, I currently have bat43 diodes inline to remove negative voltage and I currently have the range set to 0 - 10V. This allows maximum granular control since most parameters are 0 - 100. I also used an LM317 with a trimmer pot so you can get as close to what is needed vs. what might be wasted as far as power usage. Obviously could be improved...

But the fact of the matter is that power consumption use is going up. More module makers are using more power and you will need to get beefier psu's to handle it. Want to guess what the power consumption of this front row is? About 2 amps for 4 modules from the +12V rail!

Paranormal Patroler

I don't think Roland modules are a good measure to go by. And the Space is a DIY, it wasn't designed as a module so that's out as well.

In any case, I came here to congratulate you on an amazing feat.

Considering that there are tons of threads asking "..can I convert this to euro" I guess the official answer from the forum (the equivalent to PM'ed for Maths and $75) should from now on be "DSC already did it"



Looks absolutely fantastic! Can't wait for a video!

Richard Devine

OMG! Amazing!


just chiming in to echo (...yeah, i know) others' sentiments -- this looks brilliant/I'm envious/I would love to see/hear a demo.

Happiness Forever

we're not worthy ALL HAIL DSC!


Very nice indeed love


hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper


Great Work!! Pitchfactor next please..




I love the front panel design!
Sounds like an absolute mess of a time getting it going. But no one dared before because they didn't want to lose their pedal. Well done, and well deserved.


That's very impressive. I love the front panel design.


Looks beautiful.


That's awesome, great job!


Awesome work that is mighty impressive.


Crikey Shit. Magnificence ! Can I have it ? eek!


congrats DSC. Ace...

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