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Intellijel Audio Interface II
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Author Intellijel Audio Interface II


I normally take my audio directly to a mixer from the modular and attenuate there; however, I am looking at a way of bringing line level into the system. The AI2 seems nice, but maybe large. The ADDAC options, etc. are also interesting. Anyone using the AI2?


I use it.Solid


I haven't used this one, or any other line-to-modular amps for that matter, but since you mentioned size I thought I'd point out a few new low-HP amps:
Animodule Line_Amp and Ladik A-520 & Ladik A-530


+1 here too!

I use it to allay fears of blowing up my Octatrack, and as a very convenient way to get line level signals into the Modular. I have vague plans for effects routing too but not tried that yet. Not the most glamorous or interesting module but as mentioned above, it's solid. I also really like the visual feedback. Confidence.

thumbs up


ladik just did a 4 in and a 4 out and a 2 in and 2 out mod/line level
all 4 are in 4hp... cant vouch foor the modules but can vouch for his quality in other modules

ladik rocks

dang somene beat me too it...........


I got an AI2 and liked it so much I got a second one. I often am going direct to a Lynx AD and into the box, so the ladder LEDs are a useful touch.

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