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What is the best cable holder?
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Author What is the best cable holder?
I have seen the Pomona cable holders, is there something similar which will hold standard euro cables and stackables?
The Pomonas come in different sizes. If nobody beats me to it, I'll post the model number of the ones that I use for Buchla & Ad Infinitum audio cables.
Well, the Pomona's that I got from the groupbuy that limpmeat organised are perfect for euro cables and stackables!

Link to Mouser's: 47G1Qbrhi%252b76nOpgHnJ9hI66o3rUIQ%3d

I beat Kent hihi It's the 1508
Cool I've just seen the 1508 for £9, perfect.
wavecircle wrote:
Cool I've just seen the 1508 for £9, perfect.

Whereabouts? With reasonable UK shipping?
I just got mine from Farnell (top customer service, and arrived next day despite being ordered at 4.45pm). Need to spend more than 20 quid for free shipping, so get two and some Davies clones thumbs up

I only bought this because of the Oz group buy. Bloody amazing. Improved the quality of the wiggling experience no end.
Floyd Pepper 00

£6 from Amazon in the UK
We had quite a good thread going here recently:

Still very happy with these, for Stackables and Erthenvars etc. thumbs up
Floyd Pepper wrote: 00

£6 from Amazon in the UK

+ £7 delivery unfortunately waah
M. Rishi
Mad Dog
The best cable holder is the one you didn't pay for... hmmm.....

I'm just saying. d'oh!
I had my carpenter make this for me:
Floyd Pepper
budz wrote:
+ £7 delivery unfortunately waah

It's stays £7 if you order more than one. I got 4 the other week (2 for someone else).
I know this is an old thread, but for anyone who is still looking, I cannot recommend the ADDAC rack mounted one enough, and you can really attach it to anything with the right hardware. I use it as a hand rest and keyboard stand too. applause
Conrad (eu) has voltcraft one, same as pomona but maybe cheaper -ML-1-noir?queryFromSuggest=true

well, because Addac 28€ cable holder is limit insulting us...
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