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Surprise! Doepfer filters sound great!
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Author Surprise! Doepfer filters sound great!
I've been reading here for a few months slowly building my modular, and the general vibe I've picked up is that Doepfer filters were "adequate" but not fantastic. Well I picked up an A-120 and A-122 and let me tell my fellow noobs...they sound *great*. Don't hesitate to try them!
Sure they are great. Just a bit "vanilla". wink
A-124 and A-106-1 sound anything but "vanilla." There's no reason to write off Doepfer. It tends to cost less because (I assume) they move way more units than other brands, not because it is low quality.
That's not a surprise. Most of my filters are from Doepfer. Tried almost all of them, didn't like them all but still have 6.
I (breifly) tried the a103 recently and was very pleasantly surprised.
Yup, Doepfer filters are really good and I don't see why they get such little mention when recommending filters to people. Sure there are more 'crazy' filters or whatever and filters with certain functionality that al ot of Doepfers may not have, but it depends on your tastes I think. I like mellow and smooth sounds and alot of the Doepfers provide this nicely. If anything, out of all of the filters i've owned, the Doepfer ones have always stayed in my rack the longest.
The A-127 is sorely missed here... I sold it because I needed space. Stooopid. The WASP-filter is also very nice. The "vanilla" comment was for the A-120 / 122. Too nice for me. I like filth.
The A-120 was my first filter and i' love it, and it's really nice when go in auto resonance, another really good filter , imho, is the A-106-6 , in a little amount of hp you got an LP/HP/BP/AP and Notch filter.
Sadly to often the Doepfer modules are underestimate....
tIB wrote:
I (breifly) tried the a103 recently and was very pleasantly surprised.

After being initially seduced by the Borg 2, I actually prefer the A103 (sorry for everyone else, only tIB will know the relevance there) as while it's not as aggressive it's far more useful.

As a consequence, the Borg has now taken the A103's position on my soon-to-be-sold list.
Not much musical but this is a patch with a-106 in auto resonance,
I've owned about 10 Doepfer filters and the only one I didn't like was the A108, but I'd like to give it another shot at some point. It was the first filter I owned in euro and the sound didn't gel. However, before buying the A108 I'd had alot of use with the A120 which I really like.
Also doepfer A-108 is a very good moogish filter!
To be clear I appreciate filters from several houses...I have an Elby Synthacon that sound very unique and a Boogie Filter that is different again from everything else...even the Z2040 has it's own sound. I was just surprised by the great quality of the Doepfer filters, given the lack of limelight they seem to get.
A-121 and a-105 are both keepers

thumbs up
Loving my A 105 and 106-5 here. I listed the 105 a week or so ago and gladly I didn't sell it because it makes a great west coast osc when FM'd by my 110
I've only got 2 filters, the polivoks and the 106-5 sem. I was pleasantly surprised by the 106-5 it has a nice saturation thing going on when the input levels are up and the sound in general seems very full/warm. I thought it was curious that it doesn't self oscillate but it sounds great with the resonance way up. I find it a great compliment and contrast to the polivoks (which I love too).
Oh you should try the A-106-6 XP VCF with a mixer Rockin' Banana!
Chuck E. Jesus
i thought the A-120 sounded good, especially overloaded a bit, but i got rid of it when i got an A-108 (which is great)...

i had an old A-110 osc demo i did for someone here three years ago, it's got A-120 on the bass bit...
I've tried the A124, A106, and the A102. The 102 was too subtle for me, but I lourrrrve the other 2. I actually prefer the A124 to my Pvoks, and the A106 is just a crazy, organic horrible beast that can sometimes sound like brass (just don't buy it as an MS-20 clone!).
a105 is really good....very similar to the z2040 (but with less features...although the resonance range is easier to control)

a108 = fat moogy warmth

didn't like the a106-6 at all, but some do...
matttech wrote:

didn't like the a106-6 at all, but some do...

i'm curios about the motivation of your dislike
computer controlled
The A-105 and A-120 sound great! Didn't like the A-106. Really want to try the A-122 w/cem3320.
computer controlled wrote:
Didn't like the A-106

You can get some great acid from that filter - of all people, I would have thought you would be all over that! w00t
computer controlled
I couldn't get anything remotely musical out of that one. Operator error probably. But i just couldn't vibe with it.
since my only two filters are Doepfers i will have to say, "they do what it says on the tin"

(A101-1 and A124. i tend to use the A101-1 for drum noises, i know it isnt brilliant for that but then again i dont have much else. and the Wasp is as fun as a sack of badgers at times.)
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