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Video capture options
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Author Video capture options
I wondering what others are using to capture video to computer - I'm looking for something that will deliver reasonably high quality results suitable for gallery playback. I came across this: t1.en.html

Is anyone using this? All the solutions I have found do seem to be very cheap, which is great but worried it might deliver results that are too compressed. Are there any mid priced pro solutions?

Any help very appreciated!

cheers Alex
A lot of us (including myself) use the Canopus ADVC series devices (ADVC-55, ADVC-110 and ADVC-300.) For me this works WAY better than the $50 price range USB type devices. The ADVC devices are $100-$400 depending on the model.

There's also the Blackmagic Intensity and the Matrox M02 series. They're also in the "mid priced pro solution" range I think.

I've never seen/heard of the Elgato before, but I expect you'd get more pro results from the above mentioned devices.
I use an elgato device for video capture. It's fine, but not great. Currently, I have to use some proprietary bullshit to actually record and it's impossible to get the video out in any kind of usable format. This thing looks like it'll do h.264, so that's at least better than what I've got.

I'd definitely go for the Canopus stuff over the elgato, though.
+1 for the ADVC family. i had a bad time with my $50 usb capture device
the matrox stuff is great. I use it for everything. You can capture in ProRes422 at any typical size and frame rate, and the results are perfect. Works well with Avid, FCP7, Premiere, and others.
Hi All,

This thread is very interesting to me, as I come from a visual arts background and am not the most technical person.

What I have been doing is running an MVIP, VCR's, outboard video gear like video correctors and an amiga video toaster, into a canon HV40's A/V input and using it's analog to digital converter to go into my computer via firewire in real time (in other words, I'm not recording it to the Canon's tape, just using the camera as an interface into the computer).

Will one of these devices (like the canopus or matrox) give me an even better image than what I am doing?

I am really interested in capturing every subtle intricacy of the video that I can, and my setup does a good job, but it's still not exactly like watching the video on the VHS cassette, the cassette is always a little richer, a little more alive and "analog" with my current method.

Would love any info on if I could be capturing the video into the digital realm in a better way. My stuff ultimately ends up being shown, looped, in a gallery setting too, so it does need to wind up on a dvd or hard drive, otherwise, i would just leave it on tape an play it off vcr's.

Thanks everyone - will go for a canopus!
cheers Alex
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